COSMOS - The Science Club

COSMOS - The Science Club

COSMOS -The Science Club

Introduction/Objectives of the Club:

The Science Club is operational under the auspices of Department of Physics, MUJ. This club is for all the “Science Lovers” of the University. The club provides its members a forum to discuss ideas related to different branches of science and organize as well as participate in various activities.

The goal of the Science Club is advancement and diffusion of knowledge of both basic and applied sciences.

The activities will include:

  • Lectures by renowned scientists (guest speakers)
  • Presentations and public outreach programmes
  • Field visits and tours to science labs/museum/exhibition
  • Promotion of interest in science through quiz contest, documentaries, movies etc.
  • Promote/guide innovative science projects.



  • Dr. Nilanjan Halder Assoc. Prof. Department of Physics
  • Dr. Ashima Bagaria, Asst. Prof. Department of Physics
  • Dr. Saikat Chattopadhyay, Asst. Prof. Department of Physics




Open to all “Science Lovers” of the University; An annual membership fee of Rs: 200/- will be charged to conform to the necessities required by Campus/University Life.




Club Activities 

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