The Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) in School of Computer Science and Engineering offers B.Tech & M.Tech program in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning). This program aims to provide students with a strong foundation in the principles and techniques of AI and ML, as well as hands-on experience in applying these technologies to real-world problems.

Throughout the program, students will learn about the various subfields of AI and ML, including computer vision, natural language processing, robotics, deep learning, and others. In addition to the core coursework, students will have the opportunity to participate in research projects, both within the department and with other departments and institutions.Students will have a deep understanding of the principles and practices of AI, ML and will be prepared to work in a variety of industries and roles, including data analysis, software development, and research. They will be well-equipped to tackle challenging problems and contribute to the advancement of AI and ML.


To achieve Excellence in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) Education for Global Competency with Human Values.


  • Provide innovative Academic & Research Environment to develop competitive Engineers in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • Develop Problem-solving & Project Management Skills by Student Centric Activities & Industry Collaboration.
  • Nurture the Students with Social & Ethical Value.






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Computing Lab (103)

The Computing Lab, in partnership with the AIML department, provides a diverse range of high-performance computing systems, including HP and Dell workstations powered by Intel Core i5-4590 processors (HP 280 G1 MT Business PC, HP PRO 330MT Business PC, HP Z2 10 CMT WorkStation, and Dell Precision 3430). These machines offer flexibility with varying RAM and storage configurations to support research and educational tasks. With 36 workstations, the lab facilitates cutting-edge AI and machine learning experiments, meeting computational demands and serving various computing needs.

Web Technology LAB (121)

The Web Technology Lab, part of the AIML department, boasts advanced technology, including 30 Lenovo V310z All-in-One PCs with Intel Core i5-7400 processors, 8GB RAM, and 1TB HDD. It serves as a dynamic hub for AI and machine learning research in the context of web technology, supporting innovation, learning, and collaborative exploration of web-based AI and ML applications.

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Lab (107)

The Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Lab is a cutting-edge facility, equipped with 35 high-performance HP Z2 Tower G5 Workstations powered by Intel Core i7-10700 CPUs and NVIDIA Quadro P2200 graphics cards. It empowers research and innovation, enabling the pursuit of AI and data-driven excellence, fostering groundbreaking solutions, and driving future technological advancements.

Lab 009(AB2)

The Lab, furnished with 57 HP 200 Pro G4 22 All-in-One PCs, supports diverse computing needs with Intel Core i5-10210U processors, 8GB RAM, and 1TB HDDs. It serves as a dynamic space for collaborative learning and research, catering to education, software development, and data-intensive tasks, promoting innovation and hands-on experience in computing.

Internet of Things (Lab 305)

The IoT (Internet of Things) Lab is a cutting-edge facility designed to empower students in their pursuit of minor and major projects related to IoT technologies. This well-equipped lab offers a wide range of resources, including Arduino microcontrollers, five Raspberry Pi microcontrollers, an oscilloscope, a signal generator, and a DC power supply. These tools are essential for prototyping, programming, and testing IoT devices, making it a vibrant hub for innovation and hands-on learning. Students have the opportunity to explore and experiment with IoT concepts, creating smart devices and applications that bridge the physical and digital worlds.

M.Tech (Lab 320)

The M.Tech Lab, designed for postgraduate students, boasts 15 high-performance workstations featuring Intel Core-i7 12th Gen processors, 32GB RAM, and RTX 3060 graphics cards. With rapid SSDs and capacious HDDs, it supports research, experimentation, and project development, offering the computational power needed for advanced technology studies and excellence.




Dean's list "Award of Excellence" Program

Student Academics awards 2023

Hackathon prize

Mr. Arpit Singh Gautam awarded the certificate for the Best Contributor in DSA Domain to the PANACEA MUJ Repository.

Hackathon prize

Mr. Pratham Singhal received cash price on winning the world’s biggest Ethereum Hackathon ETHIndia 2022 held in Bengaluru.

T-Hunt Hackathon

Mr. Arpit Singh Gautam secure the title of MUJ Wizard Programmer by winning T-Hunt Hackathon organized in MUJ.

National Engineering Olympiad

Mr. Nikhil Anand (2019-2023) perform outstanding in National Engineering Olympiad 6.0 with AIR 7.

Institute of Scholars

Researcher Excellence Award - Ms Manish Rai


Best Paper Award - Dr. Yadvendra Pratap Singh


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The areas of research include:
• Intercultural Philosophy • Eco-Philosophy • Technology and Human Values • Cross-cultural Philosophy of Religion • Peace Studies • Physical Education and Sports • Exercise Physiology • Sports Psychology • Sports Biomechanics • Health Education • Sports Management

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