Internal Complaints Committee for Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal of sexual harassment of women at workplace

In line with the UGC regulations, 2015 on "Prevention, Prohibition & Redressal of Sexual Haressment of Women Employees & Students in Higher Educational Institutions, an Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) has been constituted at Manipal University Jaipur.


  • To provide an environment free of gender-based discrimination.
  • To evolve a mechanism for the prevention and redressal of sexual harassment cases and other acts of gender-based violence at the University.
  • To create awareness about sexual harassment in its various forms so that each one in the University community deters from being involved in acts of gender-based discrimination and harassment.
  • To ensure the implementation of the policy through proper reporting of the complaints and their follow-up procedures.


This policy extends to all category inclusive employees of MUJ and also to students studying at MUJ.

The policy for MUJ is applicable at any location, not confining only to office/ University premises and can also include a place away from the university town where the accused/victim was on deputation.

Employer, employee and the students of either sex who indulges in such behavior will be in the ambit of this policy. Individual of either sex who experiences harassment is the 'victim' and the individual of either sex who commits the offence is the 'accused'.

24X7 Women Helpline number : 0141-3999111

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