About Student Welfare

Directorate of Student’s Welfare often called as “DSW” was established by Manipal University Jaipur in April 2018 as a functional directorate to cater the day-to-day administrative and personality development needs of students through its various domains viz. Student Clubs & Chapters, Social connect, Student events/activities, Student Sports, Student Counselling and Student Discipline.

In DSW there is a Director of Student’s Welfare cum Proctor and six office bearers/domain heads designated as Deputy/ Assistant Directors.

 DSW makes continuous efforts to make the campus vibrant by students’ engagement and the same time maintain overall discipline in campus and its hostels. Besides this there are Nucleus Members from various departments, which helps in performing routine task of the Directorate as and when required for various student engagement activities/events.


Sincerity, Accomplishment, Integrity, Teamwork and Honesty are the five values that we aim our students to imbibe.

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