The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE) is an independent, non-profit and non-political student exchange organisation. It provides students in technical degrees with paid, course-related training abroad and employers with highly skilled, highly motivated international trainees. With more than 80 member countries and over 4000 traineeships exchanged each year, it is the largest organisation of its kind in the world.

The Association was founded in January 1948 at Imperial College, London. The geographical coverage soon spread to include exchange in over 80 countries on all continents. Since its inception, IAESTE has exchanged more than 350,000 students worldwide, playing a key role in the development of young engineers and scientists.


IAESTE India is one of the 82 members of the global IAESTE family. Formed in 2014 after India was granted Associate membership, with nothing but a vision, IAESTE in India has been very successful with a staggering growth rate that is uncommon for any new venture, today. Commitment, dedication, hard work and imagination have helped us achieve such success.

IAESTE India is now an associate member and has 4 LC’s:

  • Manipal University, Jaipur
  • Manipal University, Manipal
  • Karunya University, Coimbatore
  • Manipal University, Sikkim

The main aim is to help the members realise their dreams and to facilitate the exchange of ideas both technical as well as, cultural, by connecting students from various cultures and countries.


IAESTE MUJ was formed on 2nd December 2013. The committee was formed under the President of Manipal University Jaipur, Dr Sandeep Sancheti and Dean faculty of design Dr NK Garg.

The faculty co-ordinators of IAESTE MUJ are Dr DP Sharma and Mrs Deepshika Sharma. There are about 170+ aspiring students who will be applying for internships this year.

The Student Committee includes Digvijay Singh Parmar as the President, ParamVeer Bhutani as Vice President and various other active working members.

For more details visit IAESTE MUJ website Click Here

IMAGE GALLERY A glance through IAESTE at MUJ



AIESEC is a global platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential. We are a non-political, independent, not-for-profit organisation run by students and recent graduates of institutions of higher education. Its members are interested in world issues, leadership and management. AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion or national/social origin. Since we were founded, we have engaged and developed over 1,000,000 young people who have been through an AIESEC experience. The impact of our organisation can be seen through our alumni who represent business, NGO and world leaders, including one Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Martti Ahtisaari of Finland.


IESEC (pronounced eye-sek) was originally an acronym for Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commercials. AIESEC is no longer used as an acronym but simply as the name of the organisation. Members of AIESEC are known as “AIESECers.”


  1. https://www.aiesec.in/city/jaipur/
  2. https://aiesec.org/
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