Sr. No.

Investigator (PI or Co-PI)

Title of Project

Amount sanctioned



Dr. Abhishek Sharma Conversion of Agricultural Residues and other Wastes into Fuels and Energy 285000 2016-17


Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty (PI)
Mr. Prabhat Ranjan (CoPI)
A computational Study of Nano-Composite Materials Invoking Conceptual Density Functional Based Descriptors 290000 2016-17


Dr. Ram Daya (PI)
Mr.Ankur Shrivastava (CoPI)
Investigation of Heat Transfer and Friction Characteristics of Asymmetrically heated duct, with array of Cylinders as Passive Turbulators 275000 2016-17


Dr. Amit Soni (PI)
Dr. SA Siddiqui (CoPI)
Experimental Study on highly adequate and flexible Preovskites (CH3NH3PbX3(X=I, Br,Cl) thin film solar cell materials for small scale applications 175000 2016-17


Dr. Nitu Bhatnagar Physico-Chemical Standardization of Some Ayurvedic Bhasma 200000 2016-17


Dr. Tikam Chand Dakal Nanotechnology for Combining Multi-Drug Resistance in Micro-organisms 275000 2016-17


Dr. Ashima Bagaria Study of the microbial population in the extreme environmental conditions of Rajasthan: Insight into their industrial and therapeutic potential 260000 2017-18


Dr. Veena Dhayal (PI), Dr. Meena kumari (CoPI) Surface modification of cellulose by metal oxides nanostructures for water remediation 250000 2017-18


Dr. Rohit Jain Transcriptomic and metabolomic studies of withania coagulans and development of strategies for enhanced metabolite production 270000 2017-18


Dr. Sandeep Srivastava Structural, functional and bioinformatics studies on nucleoside di phosphate kinases from gram positive bacteria as potential drug target 300000 2017-18


Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma Development of microbial fuel cell for efficient dye decolorization 300000 2017-18


Dr. Ravi Kumar Gupta (PI)
Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Sharma (CoPI)
Design and Fabrication of Vehicle Control System for Disabled Person 250000 2017-18


Dr.Sanchita Ghosh Hydrogel Scaffold for Bone Tissue Repair 300000 2017-18


Dr.Santosh Patil (PI)
Prof.S S Ghosh (CoPI)
Numerical and Experimental study of Bending Fatigue Failure for Modified Gears with Different Materials 160000 2017-18


Dr. Ravi Kumar Sharma Development of High Thermal Conductive Organic Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage 280000 2017-18


Dr.Anand Chakinala Catalytic steam reforming of bio-oils from waste residues 300000 2017-18


Dr. Manisha Sharma Removal of nitrate from water by adsorption/reactive adsorption 290000 2018-19


Dr. Anees Ahmed Yunus Khan High internal phase emulsions as template for making macroporous monoliths with tunable pore architecture for applications in catalysis 250000 2018-19


Dr. Priyansha Mehra (PI)
Dr. Bhavna Tripathi (CoPI)
Sustainability and Durability of Jarosite Waste in Concrete: Behaviour in Aggressive Environment 135000 2018-19


Dr. Gaurav Sancheti (PI)
Dr. Gaurav A. Bhaduri (CoPI)
Strength and Durability Characteristics of Nano modified Concrete with Nano silica and Marble Dust 100000 2018-19


Dr. Sriparna Ray Development of New Water Soluble Metal Based Catalysts towards C-H Bond Functionalization Reactions 290000 2018-19


Dr. Md. Oayes Midda Treatment of Industrial or Domestic Wastewater Effectively by Fluidized Bed Membrane Bioreactor with Low Membrane Fouling 250000 2018-19


Dr. Dharmesh Yadav (PI)
Dr. Rahul Goyal (CoPI)
Development of a SHED (Sealed housing evaporative determination) facility to measure two wheeler refueling emissions 297800 2018-19


Dr. Uvais V. N (PI)
Dr. Anupam Kumar Sharma (CoPI)
Dr. Kamakhya Prakash Misra (CoPI)
Flexible polymer ceramic hybrid nanocomposite material for functional applications 300000 2018-19


Dr. Saikat Chattopadhyay (PI)
Dr. Nilanjan Halder (CoPI)
Development of nanoceramic hydroxides and oxides for toxic metal scavenging 290000 2018-19


Dr. Devershi Pallavi Bhatt (PI)
Ms. Pallavi Yarde (CoPI)
School Children Safety System 175000 2018-19


Dr. Rajeev Mishra Tracking Metabolic Footprints in Tumor-Microenvironment Interaction and its Implications for Targeted Cancer Therapy 300000 2018-19


Dr. Vishnu Goyal Development of an efficient hybrid vehicle with regenerative battery charging system 298500 2018-19


Dr. Mousumi Debnath Exploring Halophilic Microorganisms from Sambhar Lake for Potential Biotechnological Applications 300000 2019-20


Nitesh Kumar Poddar Investigating the effect of commonly used food additives on structural and functional aspects of proteins and their co-formulation with osmolytes 300000 2019-20


Dr. Rashi Nathawat Development of metal doped nanostructured vanadium oxide for toxic gas sensing application 300000 2019-20


Dr. Dhaneshwar Mishra (PI)
Arpit Khandelwal (CoPI)
Mr. Vijay Shankar Kumawat (CoPI)
Design, development and testing of novel staggered bio-inspired composite 299000 2019-20


Dr. Harsh Pandey Manipulation and separation of rigid and flexible objects in microfluidic channels, by application of fluid flows and electric fields 300000 2019-20


Dr. Pushpendra Kumar (PI)
Dr. Reenu Gill (CoPI)
Novel calcium hydroxide-nanocomposites for multifunctional applications 300000 2019-20


Mahboob Anwer (PI)
Prof. Pratibha Sharma (CoPI)
Creating Opportunities for Specially abled (hearing impaired) People to become Employable 175000 2019-20


Gaurav Agarwal ALLISTO 150000 2019-20


Dr. Keshav Nath (PI)
Dr. Arun Kumar Poonia (CoPI)
Studying the effectiveness of using technological tools in literature and languages education in state and private universities of Jaipur 166000 2019-20


Dr. Ashish Malik (PI)
Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma CoPI)
Design & development of concept self-driving electric vehicle 300000 2019-20


Dr. Vipin Kumar (PI)
Dr. Nilanjan Halder (CoPI)
Development of Nb and V-doped 2D WS2 nanoflakes/nanosheets for memristor applications 240000 2019-20


Dr. Sampath Kumar Padmanabha (PI)
Mr. Harshvardhan Soni (CoPI)
Designing and development of an handloom that can weave two layers of fabric at a time 289000 2021-22


Dr. Kulwant Singh (PI)
Dr. Jamil Akhtar (CoPI)
Microfluidic channel development and integration on flexible substrate material for health care application 287000 2021-22


Ms. Poonam Kumari (PI)
Dr. Santosh Patil (CoPI)
Characteristics Analysis and Testing of Modified Polyner Gears for Different Applications 248000 2021-22


Dr. Himanshu Rathore Some mathematical modelling for reverse logistics system to save our environment 50000 2021-22


Dr. Shilpa Kulkarni Sharma (PI)
Dr. Vaibhav Bhatnagar (CoPI)
Rural women entrepreneur growth model with special reference to small scale industries in Rajasthan region 194774 2021-22


Dr. Ashish Shrivastava (PI)
Dr. Kulwant Singh (CoPI)
Dr. Nitu Bhatnagar (CoPI)
Synthesis of graphene composite for high-speed energy storage devices for electrical vehicle application 297400 2021-22


Dr. Ashok Kumar Pal (PI)
Dr. Rishikesh Dutta Tiwari (CoPI)
Spacecraft trajectory and its dynamical behaviour with perturbing forces 130000 2021-22


Dr. Shambo Roy Chowdhary (PI)
Mr. Mohit Jain (CoPI)
Data Acquisition and Analysis System for durability test of dynamic system 100000 2022-23


Dr. Sumit Dhariwal (PI)
Dr. Sudhir Sharma (CoPI)
Design and synthesis of SPR based portable optical fiber sensor for the detection of prohibited durgs 50000 2022-23


Dr. Ankur Saharia (PI)
Dr. Manish Tiwari (CoPI)
Design and synthesis of SPR based portable optical fiber sensor for the detection of prohibited durgs 190000 2022-23


Ar. Nisha Nelson (PI)
Dr. Madhura Yadav (CoPI)
Ms. Neha Saxena (CoPI)
Dr Manish Sharma (CoPI)
Rejunvenating ancient water system 100000 2022-23


Dr. Jayesh Gangrade Development of Indian Sign Language recognitioin system based on real time for hard-of-hearing community 100000 2022-23


Dr. Abhik Mukherjee Investigation of Atypical Space Plasma solitary Waves Induced by Charged Space Debris : An Indirect Detection Technique of Space Debris Objects. 200000 2023-24


Dr. Ashish Kumar A Green and Physical approach to fabricate bio-based, and biodegradable cost-effect 300000 2023-24


Dr. Shashi Shekher Tiwary (PI)
Dr. Ashish Kumar (CoPI)
Fabrication of Isotropic And-target for nuclear fusion-evaporation reaction 300000 2023-24


Dr. Sony Vijayan (PI)
Dr. Mona Mahecha (CoPI)
Ms. Swati Sharda (CoPI)
Sustainable development of ethnic block printing community of bagru under the Intellectual Property Protection Regime 100000 2023-24


Dr. Rajeev Nema (PI)
Dr. Sandeep K Srivastava (CoPI)
Validation of the Aurora kinase gene expression and miRNA networking in lung cancer cells using RT-qPCR 300000 2023-24


Dr. Avanika Sinha (PI)
Dr.Trishna Chaudhuri (CoPI)
Dr Aditi Priya (CoPI)
Impact of Emotional Maturity over the academic performance and achievements of rural-urban background students 200000 2023-24


Dr. Avneesh Kumar (PI)
Dr. Lakhan Raghvanshi (CoPI)
Community Radio in Rajasthan: Potential for Information Propagation and Sustainable Development in Rural Areas 200000 2023-24


Dr. Anand Dave Development of Wide spectrum biocontrol agent for suppression of Phytopathogens in Arachis hypogaea 100000 2023-24


Dr. Shatrunjai Giri Mitochondrial dysfunction and neuronal pathology: exploring morphological consequences and memory implications in neurodegenerative disorders 100000 2023-24


Dr. Amrita Biswas Functionalized natural polysaccharides and its nano-composite used for coper surface protection as coating and inhibitor 100000 2023-24


Dr. Komal Arora (PI)
Dr. Anand Gupta Chakinala (CoPI)
Utilization of magnetically responsive biomass derived nanocellulose based composites of ZnO and TiO2 as potential adsorbents and photocatalysts of wastewater remediation 100000 2023-24


Dr Nadana Raja Vadiv G (PI)
Dr. Manisha Sharma (CoPI)
Vermiponics- A Tool for the growth enhancement of leguminous plants 300000 2023-24
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