Entrepreneurs are assets for the nation and they are to be nurtured and cultivated for the growth of an economy. The Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) at Manipal University Jaipur is a non-profit student driven organisation. It is committed to light up the spirit of young minds. Our vision is to carve out the niche for exploring the entrepreneurial mind-sets. E-cell enthrals the spirits of fledgling entrepreneurs in not just launching the venture butin living the life with full zeal. We believe in providing them the platform where they grow through what they go through. The aim is to help the students to develop business ideas who are eager to become entrepreneurs but are unsure about the way forward. With mind numbing competitions, innovative strategies and multitudinous national workshops, hard efforts are put to develop a strong ecosystem.

E-cell brings a rush of adrenaline that only a peculiar business can ever bring. We strive for smooth and efficient networking amongst students, faculty members, professional mentors, entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists. The ultimate aim is to breakdown the traditional belief and prejudices and ignite the creative thinking and entrepreneurial instincts in the students. With the objective of encouraging the spirit of entrepreneurship, Manipal University Jaipur has established an in-house incubation centre. Various startup incubations are under one roof which are taking shapes under the supervision, guidance and mentorship of internal and external professional experts. Many initiatives are taken by E-Cell such as Startup Weekend, E-Conclave, Innovriti, Awareness Programs, Interactive Sessions & Talks of Experts, Visits to Industries, Mentorship Programs etc.


  • To organize Entrepreneurship Development and Awareness Program
  • To develop and motivate the entrepreneurial mind sets among the students
  • To transform the vague ideas into a successful venture with professional mentorship
  • To facilitate creation of entrepreneurs club in each college to foster the culture of entrepreneurship amongst students

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