The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies at Manipal University Jaipur is committed to the promotion of critical thinking, humanistic values, connectivity amongst cultures and linguistic competence, through its various programmes in the domain of languages, literatures and cultural studies. It nurtures an international, multi-lingual and interdisciplinary approach towards academics. The faculty members of the department come from diverse and vibrant academic backgrounds, making the department versatile in its approach and function.The department organizes special lectures, workshops, and seminars to ensure enriching knowledge of the students, research scholars and faculty members.

B A (Hons.) English and M A (English) programmes to prepare students to develop and upgrade their language competence, gain training in critical inquiry and debate, and inculcate literary sensibility through courses in Literary Criticism, British Literature, American Literature, Indian Writing in English, Women’s Writing in English, Linguistics and Literature of the Indian Diaspora.The Department caters PhD Programme to research scholars in English, Hindi and French. The scholars, both Full-time and Part-time, are encouraged to pursue cutting-edge research in socially relevant, interdisciplinary areas of research and in new fields of inquiry. Faculty members are doctoral supervisors on a variety of research domains, drawing on theoretical perspectives ranging from the traditional to the contemporary.

Another important function of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies is to provide modular language skills and training to students enrolled in different programmes. The department is committed to develop professional standards of communication in students across various disciplines.


"To promote holistic development, foster the spirit of nationalism and universal brotherhood by promoting studies in Literatures and Languages, Culture, and Ethnology."


  • To develop academic excellence through teaching and research, to offer advanced, career-oriented programmes that provide professional knowledge, employability skills, and life skills while fostering community growth.
  • To provide innovative pedagogies and interdisciplinary approaches in new literatures, cultural and gender studies, translation, sociolinguistics, and film.
  • To cultivate a solid foundation in literary sensibilities and language competence by promoting transdisciplinary collaborations.






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Language Lab

" Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultural Studies's language lab is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including the Digital Linguistics Mentor. This advanced tool provides personalized language instruction and practice. It offers real-time feedback on pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, enhancing language learning and communication skills for our students."




Exploring the unexplored

The areas of research include:
• Intercultural Philosophy • Eco-Philosophy • Technology and Human Values • Cross-cultural Philosophy of Religion • Peace Studies • Physical Education and Sports • Exercise psychology • Sports Psychology • Sports Biomechanics • Health Education • Sports Management

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