Art is that by which we “art”iculate our lives. The Department of Arts, consisting of Philosophy, Liberal Arts, Political Science, Sociology and Music seeks to enhance and effect this articulation in unique and creative ways through its specially designed programs.


Art"iculation of knowledge for life in its varied and interwoven dimensions.


• To prepare students for lives of meaningful service and leadership.
• To provide opportunities and resources for innovative and interwoven knowledge.
• To enable students to become responsible towards self, family, and society.
• To nurture students with employability skills.






Faculty MembersHolding PhD








Music Lab

Music Lab - Harmonium, Tabla, Guiter, Electronic Tanpura and Tabla, Dholak




Sunidhi Kushwaha

Student gone for higher studies

Suhani Jain

Student gone for higher studies

Rahul Choudhary

Student self-employed in their own start-up

Riya Chhabra

Student self-employed in their own start-up

Abhishek Choudhary

Student paced in job/family business

Tushar Rijhwani

Student paced in job/family business

Ishita Sharma

Ishita Sharma is an international development programme counsellor.

Ishani Bhattacharya

Ishani Bhattacharya is an author and content writer.

Mahek Sachdeva

Mahek Sachdeva is a Brand Strategist and Digital Marketeer.

Nayan Tilwani

Nayan Tilwani is self-employed in the family business.

Dr Richa Arora was conferred with Academic Excellence award by Manipal University Jaipur.

Dr. Richa Arora was invited as a keynote speaker from O P Jindal University during their International Conference, ICIRSTSD-23 as the keynote speaker.

Dr. Richa Arora was invited as a keynote speaker from O P Jindal University during their International Conference, ICIRSTSD-23 as the keynote speaker. She was also invited as External expert for condducting interviews at MSU Baroda.

Dr Richa Arora was invited as a Panel Expert and DRC Member by MS Univeristy Baroda.

All faculty of the department have completed training/FDP in their respective domains.

Dr. Mani Sachdev regularly hosts shows on the community radio of MUJ.

Dr. Mani Sachdev received grant of Rs. 500000/- for organise a 5 Day Workshop on The Contours of Rasa in Bharatmuni’s Natyashastra from ICPR

Dr. Mani Sachdev organized an Internation Conference on Multidisciplinary trends in Social Sciences and Humantities- MTISSHCON 2022

Dr. Aditi Priya received ICSSR Doctoral Fellowship Award, ICSSR Field Grant

Dr Trishna Chaudhuri received a seed Grant of Rs 2lac

Dr Trishna Chaudhuri received Prof. Gordon McVie Best Presentation Prize in Cancer Communications and Psycho-oncology, an International Seminar organized by Tata Medical Centre and Kings College London. She also won a cash prize of Rs 5000/-.

National Workshop on Bharatmuni's Natyashastra- This was an ICPR funded (Rs. 500,000) workshop that focussed on the philosophy of the Rasa siddhant

Expert guest lecture- A lecture on Gita was taken by Daniel Raveh, professor of philosophy in Tel Aviv university. This was organized by the Head of the Department Prof. Mani Sachdev.

International Seminar- Different experts will address the topic of G20

Multidisciplinary conference- International Conference on Multidisciplinary Trends in Social Sciences and Humanities

Club activity- Talk on Japan-S.Korea Defence partnership

Club activity- Talk on Russia Ukraine crisis


Exploring the unexplored

The areas of research include:
• Intercultural Philosophy • Eco-Philosophy • Technology and Human Values • Cross-cultural Philosophy of Religion • Peace Studies • Governance • Indian Political System • International Affairs • Political Thought • Local self-government • Gender and Politics • Hindustani Classical Music

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