The Department of Physics at Manipal University Jaipur comes under the umbrella of the School of Basic Sciences. The department was established after the inception of the university in 2011 with a vision to provide excellence in higher education in physics and to pursue research in state-of-the-art areas of pure, applied, and interdisciplinary science. Currently, there are 13 faculty members who are highly qualified and hail from the globally recognized best institutions with rich experience in teaching and have made significant contributions to their respective areas of research. The department also hosts several research projects sponsored by SERB, DST, UGC, DAE, and DST Rajasthan.


The Physics department has two-fold vision: one is to foster cutting-edge research that broadens the boundaries of science and technology and the other to provide students with an outstanding educational experience that helps them develop strong analytical, quantitative, and problem-solving skills as well as a deep understanding of the role physics in technological innovations.


  • To foster curiosity and excitement about the physical world.
  • To provide students with rigorous and comprehensive courses of Physics that allow them to perform at a high level.
  • To inculcate the culture of research among undergraduate and masters students, through which they can contribute to the scientific enterprise.
  • To maintain a research environment, in which key scientific and technical innovation are generated.






Faculty MembersHolding PhD







Material Science Laboratory

A Material Science Laboratory is a crucial component of any scientific research and development environment, as it plays a central role in understanding the properties, structure, and behavior of various materials. Material science laboratories are essential for researchers, engineers, and scientists in a wide range of fields, including metallurgy, electronics, nanotechnology, and more. It serves as a crucial hub for advancing our understanding of materials and their role in modern technology and industry.

Thin Film Deposition Laboratory

B. Tech EP Laboratory

The lab is well equipped with the optics, quantum and solid state physics experiments that help B.tech students to realize physics experimentally.


"The BSc/MSc Physics laboratory at Manipal University Jaipur is a well-equipped facility designed to facilitate hands-on learning and experimental exploration in the field of physics. It provides students with practical exposure to fundamental concepts and phenomena across various branches of physics.

  • Experimental Exploration: The lab aims to provide students with opportunities to perform a wide range of experiments, covering topics like mechanics, optics, electromagnetism, thermodynamics, and modern physics.
  • Skill Development: Through hands-on activities, students develop essential laboratory skills such as data collection, analysis, and interpretation. They also become proficient in the use of specialized laboratory equipment.
  • Skill Development: Through hands-on activities, students develop essential laboratory skills such as data collection, analysis, and interpretation. They also become proficient in the use of specialized laboratory equipment.

Functional Ceramic & Smart Material Lab (FCSM)

The FCSM lab equipped with core Metallurgical synthesis of materials. Pure and composites materials could be developed by solid state reaction and sol-gel technique in lab. most importantly the magnetoresistance set-up to support the ferroelectric material studies for Energy harvesting devices.




Dr. Rashi Nathawat

Research Project From UGC-CSR DAE Indore, Research Project From Inter University Accelerator Centre New Delhi

Dr Ashima Bagaria

Research projects, DST, Govt. of Rajasthan; DST Women Scientist Award, DST, Govt. of Rajasthan

Dr. Anupam Sharma

Received best paper award in oral category at Nanocon Pune Conference

Saikat Chattopadhyay

Research Fund Under CSR Scheme (IUC-DAE-CSR, Mumbai Centre)

Young Researcher Award

Dr. Abhik Mukherjee

Enhanced Seed Grant 2023

Dr. Pushpendra Kumar


Dr. Manoj Kumar Saini


Dr. Sushil Kumar Jain

Primary Evaluator in Toycathon 2021

Dr. Sushil Kumar Jain

SEMS Welfare foundation presents Team Innovation award

Ms. Mamta Kumawat

President's Gold Medal

Dr. Anupam Sharma

CRS research project sanctioned by UGC DAE CSR Indore


Exploring the unexplored

The areas of research include:
• Intercultural Philosophy • Eco-Philosophy • Technology and Human Values • Cross-cultural Philosophy of Religion • Peace Studies • Physical Education and Sports • Exercise Physiology • Sports Psychology • Sports Biomechanics • Health Education • Sports Management

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