Message From The Dean

Welcome to the Faculty of Science, Manipal University Jaipur!

Science is a major force in the modern world that influences social, economic and technological development. Science education can enable student to learn the concepts with critical thinking and problem-solving approach. "Searching the unknown out of the "so called known" is the spirit that makes "Science" one of the most unique disciplines where the need to ask questions and the urge to address them never end. This never-ending journey of quest is what we encourage the most at Manipal University Jaipur so that today's Students can be nurtured to become tomorrow's Scientists and Technologists to serve the humanity at the National and International levels.

Faculty of Science (FoS) aims to foster creativity and innovation for an intellectually satisfying learning environment as well as to establish Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) as a globally preferred destination for students, faculty, researchers and other stakeholders. FoS includes School of Basic Sciences (SBS) which was entrusted with the responsibility of developing and executing academic programs in different discipline of Basic Sciences at undergraduate, postgraduate and research levels. Faculty of Science has 100 + faculty members who are the main driving force in the faculty. The SBS consists of five departments: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Statistics, Biosciences and Department of Computer Applications. It also supports the teaching of science courses in other Schools of the University to promote interdisciplinary studies. Faculty of Science, Manipal University Jaipur. Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) has achieved a significant milestone by securing a prestigious multi-disciplinary research grant of Rs 10 Crores from the Department of Science and Technology as a part of the PURSE (Promotion of University Research and Scientific Excellence) scheme. Department of Biosciences, Faculty of Science is supported by DST-FIST funding which is intended for improvement of S&T infrastructure for promoting R&D activities in new and emerging areas more effectively and efficiently. The Faculty of Science boasts over 1780 publications, 65+ research projects, and 15 state-of-the-art laboratories. Additionally, more than 50 scholars have successfully obtained their Ph.D. degrees from the Faculty of Science.

Faculty of Science has developed syllabi for various core courses blending basic science with interdisciplinary topics. Experimental learning, study visits to industries and research institutes are integral parts of all programs. These enable students to excel in the areas of basic as well as applied sciences. In addition, they serve as launching pads for attractive carrier opportunities in the academia and industry. The school has unique synergy of teaching and research with many national as well as international interactions and collaborations.

Dr Lalita Ledwani

Dean, Faculty of Science