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'ECSTASY' In-house Coreografia fest organized by Coreografia Club

'ECSTASY' In-house Coreografia fest organized by Coreografia Club

  • March 28, 2019
  • March 28, 2019



Coreografia had organized an exclusive in-house fest called Ecstasy, for the first time.

The fest was of two days, 27th and 28th March'19. DAY 1 was the "Solo and Duet Competition" and DAY 2 was the" Battle event". 

There were four teams named SlytherinStormtroopersLannisters and Hydra. Each team was allotted a team leader by the core.

All the participants were divided into four teams with the help of the bidding system. 

After being allotted into teams, they were given 2 weeks to prepare for the competition.

Day 1

Date: 27th of March, 2019 

Venue: TMA Pai Auditorium

On the first day of the fest, we had the ‘Solo and Duet competition’. The event was judged by our faculty coordinator Mr. Hemant Kumar, and former treasurer of our club, Swathi Sadanandan.

Day 2

Date: 28th of march,2019

Venue: In front of Common Room, New Door Hostel

On the second day, we had the battle competition in which each team was allowed to have 5-7 members to compete for the championship. 

For battle, we had our former core committee members, Debaditya Das and Swathi Sadanandan, as the judges.

On the basis of their performance on day 1 and day 2, teams were awarded with points. Total points were calculated at the end of day 2 according to which the Lannisters won the event with the highest score. 


The Working Team of Ecstasy:


Faculty Coordinator- Mr. Hemant Kumar

●        Conveners:

1.    Rhythm Balooni

2.    Aditya Pratap Singh

3.    Simran Uppal

●        Head of Media and Coverage:

Shashwat Rastogi

●        Core Committee: Stage and Logistic

1.    Adithya Saish

2.    Jyoti Tuli

●        Core Committee: Sponsorship and Promotion

1.    Kunal Kothari

2.    Siddhartha Verma


●        Core Committee: Finance and Registration

1.    Siddharth Agarwal