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Department of Interior Design: MUJ is changing the way interior design is taught

ByTeam MUJJanuary 14, 2019

American businessman, philanthropist, political figure and IBM’s second president, Thomas Watson Jr, made a profound statement back in 1973: Good design is good business. Since then, designers and businesses all over the world have revisited their perspective on good design and its place in the world.

Individuals and modern businesses alike agree that design is the future. We all want beautiful homes that speak to us, just like we all love working in offices that are vibrant, positive and well-thought through in terms of design. This awareness around sensible space planning has seeped into everything that goes into today’s offices and homes – right from the furniture we like, the colour schemes we identify with and how we plan our spaces. In fact, a 2018 report on by McKinsey brings to light a startling fact: Companies that invest in good design see a 32% higher revenue than those who don’t.

Manipal Jaipur University (MUJ) is a huge proponent of the importance of design and its extremely high potential in the years to come. Having invested deeply in an environment-friendly, visually appealing design and space planning of its own campus, MUJ understands that the right time for students to enter the field of design is now. The university has a prolific Department of Interior Design, headed by Sneh Singh, Architect and Associate Professor.

The department does not limit its curriculum to interiors and planning. Like all courses at MUJ, this one, too, follows a multi-disciplinary approach. Apart from the usual subjects that are par for the course for an architecture syllabus, students are also taught Interface Designing, Furniture and Accessories Designing, and Sustainability among others.

The curriculum for the course is updated based on the dynamic industry’s trends and demands, ensuring that students are ready to jump into the world of interior design as soon as they graduate. This dynamic syllabus, perhaps, one of the most unique things about MUJ’s Interior Design Department, when compared to other institutions. And that’s not all, the department also regularly organises workshops, site visits and guest lectures by renowned architects as a part of students’ coursework. This immensely inspires pupils leading to innovative project ideas. In fact, MUJ also funds and helps patents project ideas that have merit in further research and development.

The university believes that students must transcend the borders of classroom academics and open their minds to the outside world. The course designed by the Department of Interior Design is demonstrative of MUJ’s commitment to shaping future-ready professional minds.