ENQUIRY NO.: MUJ/PUR/2021-22/R&I/293

SIGNED & SEALED quotation for items mentioned in attached by 10/02/2022 with complete terms & conditions like taxes, payment, freight, warranty, installation, service, delivery, insurance , custom and validity etc.

Please fulfil following:

  1. Quotation should be in double bidding system (One technical offer and one commercial offer)
  2. Copy of authorization letter / OEM certification
  3. Brands / Make
  4. Proper catalogue & broachers
  5. Please comment for the after sales services like spares, maintenance and consumables
  6. We prefer following-
    • Warranty – Three year onsite warranty + AMC offer post warranty
    • Payment terms – No advance 90% after successful Installation, Demonstration & Training 10% will be held as retention amount to cover warranty period / bank guarantee of equivalent amount for the same period.
  7. Correspondence address is mentioned below. Indian Post and DTDC courier serves at MUJ.
  8. Please mention enquiry no. on top of the envelope.
  9. Please contact Dr. Nilanjan Halder (97837 84795) for any technical query.
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