Educational Tour to NID

Jan 12, 2019

Educational Tour to NID

The students of Interior Design Department (2nd year), FoD, along with faculty Ar. Heena Ajmera visited Gujarat (Ahmedabad-Patan-Kutch) as a part of Education Tour. The students got exposed to some of the country's finest medieval Islamic architecture and design examples, places of great historical and architectural significance in Ahmedabad, Patan, Bhuj and Kutch. Gujarat being a design hub, where well known designers reside, students got the chance to see, learn and interact with the various possibilities related to the same. The tour was informative and an educative exposure to explore their possibilities in the field.

 Architecture and Design in Ahmedabad ranges from the ancient to the very modern. The first day, students visited India's premier design institute 'National Institute of Design', where they had varied spatial experiences with different 'Spatial types'. The campus displays magnificent interconnections and spatial non hierarchy with the openness of the organization.

National Institute of Design Sanskar Kendra Museum

Students also visited Sanskar Kendra, which is a Museum Building design by well-known architect Le Corbusier. The students were able to understand the use of precise geometry evolved on the basis of module, the idiom of exposed brick with horizontal concrete bands, and the expression of the courtyard just like NID.

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