International Online Conference on "Covid-19, Biotechnology: A Way Forward"

Apr 30, 2020

Department of Biosciences, School of Basic Sciences, Faculty of Science in collaboration with Directorate of Admissions, Manipal University Jaipur successfully organised an Interna

This event had around 1447 registrations from across the globe. The session began with an inaugural ceremony in which Prof. AK Mukhopadhyay, Dean, Faculty of Science welcomed all the keynote speakers and participants. Later, Prof. MM Sharma organising secretary of the event briefed the participants with the aims and take-aways of the conference and Dr. Abhijeet Singh, Head, Biosciences & Organising secretary shared some of the distinctive features of the Biosciences Department. Prof. Lalita Ledwani, Director, SBS congratulated the organising team of the conference and told the participants about the importance of this conference in the present pandemic conditions. Inaugural session ended with the inaugural address by Pro-President, Prof. NN Sharma, in which he thanked all the participants for joining the conference. Prof. Sharma also congratulated the Department for conducting the conference.

In technical sessions, eminent scientific persons and doctors from premier institutes of India and abroad presented their talk covering different aspects of pandemic Covid-19. Prof. Knollmann-Ritschel, MD, CAPT, USN & Vice chair of Pathology, USUHS, USA delivered the key note lecture on "SARS-Cov-2: The Many Faces of New Pandemic", in which she presented the statistical data associated with pandemic infections. Prof Rtitschel busted the myth about the Covid-19 symptoms & transmission among different age groups and genders. She also discussed and weighed the available diagnosis and treatment methods for combating Covid-19. Next lecture was delivered by Dr. Anand Kumar Jindal, Asst. Director, Raj State FSL, Jaipur in which he told the audience about various diagnostic methods and techniques that are being used in covid-19 diagnosis. Director of NIA, Prof. Sanjeev Sharma in his lecture told the participants about various medicinal herbs that can turn fruitful in Covid-19 remediation. He also told about how mental and physical well-being reduces the risk of infection and aids in faster healing/recovery from the disease. Later, Prof. Surendra Kumar, Incharge Dept. of Neurology, RIMS, Ranchi discussed the various neurobiological manifestations associated with Covid-19. Further, Dr. Narendra Kumar, Research Scientist, Department of Medicine, New York Medical College delivered a talk on risk assessment of coronavirus infections among obese and diabetic persons.

The conference ended with a vote of thanks by convener Dr. Rajeev Mishra and Dr. Rohit Jain, in which they acknowledged the support provided by the Chairperson, President, Pro-President and Registrar of Manipal University Jaipur in organizing the event.

At the end of the conference, participants provided positive feedbacks about the conference and appreciated the talks given by the speakers. They also requested the organisers that since this conference serves the need of the hour, similar conferences should be re-organised in days to come.

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