High resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) Equipments Procurement

Manipal University Jaipur invites SIGNED & SEALED quotation the below mentioned equipments by 22/1/2019 with complete terms & conditions like taxes, payment, freight, warranty, installation, service, delivery and validity, GST related information with HSN Code,  etc.



Please note the followings:-


  1. A quotation will be in double bidding systems (1 sealed offer for Technical specification and 1 sealed offer for commercial)
  2. Copy of authorization letter/OEM certification
  3. Brands/Make
  4. Proper catalogue & brochures
  5. Existing customer details and related purchase orders issued by them
  6. Warranty – Three year warranty.
  7. Correspondence address is mentioned below. Indian Post and DTDC courier serves at MUJ.
  8. Please mention Enquiry No. on top of the envelope.
  9. Contact  Dr. (Prof.) Nilanjan Halder 9007480975 for any technical clarity.
  10. Quotation through mail will not be accepted..


Technical Specification-  FESEM Equipment



Two part bid: (a) technical (b) commercial is invited for the following equipment: -

High resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) equipment with latest technology must have following minimum technical specifications.

SL No.





1.0 or lower at 15KV and 1.6 or lower @1 KV



X25 or lower to X1000000 or higher


Accelerating voltage

200 V or lower to 30KV or higher.



Large chamber to accommodate at least 6 accessory port (minimum chamber size 120 mm).



5 axis motorized stage with motorized stage movements of

X=100 mm; Y=100 mm Z=40 mm or higher

Tilt=-5o to +90° or higher =360° Sample holder for adding 7 or more 1 cm2 ; It should able to hold of a 2” wafer.


Probe current

10 or less to 100 or higher



Required for imaging with-

·         and chamber mounted Secondary electrons (SE)

·         (BSE)

·         Mixing SE and BSE

·         IRCCD camera


User interface

Fully computer controlled system with window based software for operating the microscope along with keyboard, mouse, control panel including multifunction for control and adjustment of frequently used SEM parameters and manual joystick control for stage axis. The data file for the image should be accessible.


Electron optics

Thermal (Schottky) field emission gun (Warranty for 36 months or more should be provided on the emitter).

The system should be capable of high resolution imaging of conducting, non-conducting and magnetic metals, polymers, ceramic, , porous materials etc.



2 Nos. 24” LED (Full HD, 1024 748) monitors.


Vacuum system

with oil-free rotary pump, diffusion pump and ion/turbo molecular pump complete with all connecting pipes and fittings for achieving high vacuum.


Essential accessories

a) Chiller;  b) Compressor; c) Interface between SEM and EDS



Latest desktop system with Pentium I7 core processor, speed 3 G Hz or better, 1 Tb HDD or better, 8 RAM or better, DVD writer, sufficient USB ports and operating software, and 24” LED (Full HD, 1024 748) monitors.


Software packages

Particle size analysis and image processing software, windows based software, and multiple offline licenses for analysis. The latest version of software for the quoted model should be included. For off-line analysis suitable interfacing, if required, should be provided for another computer for further analysis. Data formats (RAW, ACSII, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, etc.) Backup software must be provided on optical media. Any further version of the software and updates must be provided free of cost.

The instrument should have for future of the system.


Energy dispersive X ray spectrometer


30 mm2 better appropriate detector, liquid nitrogen free cooling system, motorized detector movement. Separate computer with latest configuration.

The Resolution of the detector must be 129 ± 5 FWHM at 5.9 (Mn Kα)

The instrument must be capable of determining elements in the periodic table from Boron to Uranium.

It should be possible to do line scanning. In addition, the facility to do elemental and dot mapping should be available. Further, it should provide imaging along with phase-mapping. Standard sample for calibrating the instrument should be provided with .


Power Backup

Appropriate online UPS for safe shutdown of SEM for 1 hour or more


Sputter coater of FE-SEM quality


Fully automatic and compact rotary pumped sputter coater. Sputter coater for gold, palladium and carbon coating of the non- conducting specimens. Multiple sample-holding and coating capability.


Anti-vibration support

Should have for best performance of the machine


Sample preparation facility

Semi-automatic sample cutter, semi-automatic grinder and polisher for advanced metals, glass, ceramics, polymers, rubbers and composites (for each unit the specifications to be included).


For Sample Cutter: Speed variation 0 to 500 or better continuously variable with digital speed Indication, diamond cut off wheels (at least 3 nos.), precise sample positioning with the help of micrometre head, coolant tank and easy replacement of coolant without removing of diamond wheel and all other necessary accessories and arrangements. Appropriate grips for different materials (metals, glass, ceramics, polymers, rubbers and ) with different size and shapes should be provided. All necessary consumables should be provided.


For Grinder/Polisher: Double disc (. least 200 mm) table top variable speed (150-1000 RPM) grinding-polishing machine with digital display and motor power of at least 0.5 HP for each disc. The machine should be complete with all necessary accessories like Paper holding ring, Cloth clamping band, arrangements for dispensing water and polishing liquid as the case may be, polishing cloth, silicon carbide abrasive papers of grit sizes 80, 120,180, 220, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 etc. diamond polishing pastes of grit sizes 0.25, 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, 20 micron etc. All necessary consumables should be provided.


Consumable and Spare parts

Bidders shall provide itemized details of essential, additional consumables and spare parts for the instrument and accessories with for smooth operation of the instrument. Spare parts and consumable required to run the instrument for 3 years to be quoted as standard supply.


Confirmations during supply of instrument



1. Exhaustive soft and hard copy (2 Nos.) of operation and applications manuals, maintenance and service should be provided.

2. should be provided for general maintenance services.

3. Installation and Testing: The installed system tested at our premises in accordance with the tender specification as well as those claimed by .

4. Commissioning and Training: The supplier shall perform on-site installation, commissioning and startup of all system components in order to provide a fully functional system. On-site one week training for operation and application to be given to the users free of cost. The institute will not bear any training or living expenditure of the supplier in this regard.

Model quoted should be available on the Vendor’s website

6. Service response time, time & up-time of the equipment should be clearly specified. Service response time must be less than 72 hours.

7. The supplier of the instrument must confirm in writing that the spares for the entire instrument will be available. For frequently required spares, there should be with the Indian agency.

8. The FESEM must have provision for on-line diagnosis of faults.


Installation requirement


Pre-installation requirements such as room size, tolerable limits of EM field and vibration (mechanical), required power rating, utility requirements are to be stated clearly, and to be verified /surveyed by the supplier at the installation site. It is the supplier’s responsibility to clearly provide details of the above-mentioned requirements before delivery of the equipment. Once the site has been made ready the vendor must visit the site to check the suitability for installation and give written confirmation that the pre installation site requirement is acceptable to them.

Necessary environmental requirements, i.e., temperature, humidity etc. the operation of FESEM should be specified clearly.



The supplier should quote for manpower cost for an operator for an initial contract period of three years. The the operator is to be borne by the supplier. The operator should be not only trained in operating and also be trained in the installation requirements for smooth uninterrupted functioning of the SEM.


Warranty and AMC

Comprehensive Warranty for 1 year (starting from the date of successful installation) for the entire system, including all optional items purchased along with the equipment.


Shipment and Clearance


Price should be quoted for CIP at Jaipur airport and at MUJ campus (including customs clearing charges, local transportation, and insurance from to MUJ campus, unloading and putting to installation site). The scope/obligation of MUJ should also be mentioned.


Optional items

·         2 years AMC charges