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Sr. No.

Investigator (PI or Co-PI)

Title of Project

Amount sanctioned



Dr. Sampath Kumar Padmanabha (PI)
Mr. Harshvardhan Soni (Co-PI)
Designing and development of an handloom that can weave two layers of fabric at a time 289000 2021-22


Dr. Kulwant Singh (PI)
Dr. Jamil Akhtar (Co-PI)
Microfluidic channel development and integration on flexible substrate material for health care application 287000 2021-22


Ms. Poonam Kumari (PI)
Dr. Santosh Patil (Co-PI)
Characteristics Analysis and Testing of Modified Polyner Gears for Different Applications 248000 2021-22


Dr. Himanshu Rathore  Some mathematical modelling for reverse logistics system to save our environment 50000 2021-22


Dr. Shilpa Kulkarni Sharma (PI)
Dr. Vaibhav Bhatnagar (Co-PI)
Rural women entrepreneur growth model with special reference to small scale industries in Rajasthan region 194774 2021-22


Dr. Ashish Shrivastava (PI)
Dr. Kulwant Singh (Co-PI)
Dr. Nitu Bhatnagar (Co-PI)
Synthesis of graphene composite for high-speed energy storage devices for electrical vehicle application 297400 2021-22


Dr. Ashok Kumar Pal (PI)
Dr. Rishikesh Dutta Tiwari (Co-PI)
Spacecraft trajectory and its dynamical behaviour with perturbing forces 130000 2021-22


Dr. Mousumi Debnath Exploring Halophilic Microorganisms from Sambhar Lake for Potential Biotechnological Applications 300000 2019-20


Dr. Nitesh Kumar Poddar Investigating the effect of Commonly used Food Additives on Structural and Functional Aspects of Proteins and their Co-Formulation with Osmolytes 3,00,000 2019-20


Dr. Rashi Nathawat Development of Metal doped nanostructured vanadium oxide for toxic gas sensing application 3,00,000 2019-20


Dr. Dhaneshwar Mishra (PI)
Arpit Khandelwal (Co-PI)
Mr. Vijay Shankar Kumawat (Co-PI)
Design, Development and Testing of Novel Staggered Bio-inspired Composite  299000 2019-20


Dr. Harsh Pandey Manipulation and Separation of Rigid and Flexible Objects in Microfluidic Channels, by Application of Fluid Flows and Electric Fields 300000 2019-20


Dr. Pushpendra Kumar (PI)
Dr. Reenu Gill Co-PI)
Novel Calcium Hydroxide-Nanocomposites for Multifunctional Applications 300000 2019-20


Mahboob Anwer (PI)
Prof. Pratibha Sharma (Co-PI)
Creating Opportunities for Specially abled (hearing impaired) People to become Employable 1,75,000 2019-20


Dr. Gaurav Agarwal ALLISTO 150000 2019-20


Dr. Keshav Nath (PI)
Dr. Arun Kumar Poonia (Co-PI)
Studying the Effectiveness of using Technological Tools in Literature and Languages Education (SETTLE): State and Private Universities of Jaipur 166000 2019-20


Dr. Ashish Malik (PI)
Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma (Co-PI)
Design & Development of Concept Self-Driving Electric Vehicle 300000 2019-20


Dr. Vipin Kumar (PI)
Dr. Nilanjan Halder (Co-PI)
Development of Nb and V-doped 2D WS2 Nanoflakes/Nanosheets for Memristor Applications 240000 2019-20


Dr. Manisha Sharma  Removal of nitrate from water by adsorption/reactive adsorption 290000 2018-19


Dr. Anees Ahmed Yunus Khan  High internal phase emulsions as template for making macroporous monoliths with tunable pore architecture for applications in catalysis 250000 2018-19


Dr. Priyansha Mehra (PI)
Dr. Bhavna Tripathi (Co-PI)
Sustainability and Durability of Jarosite Waste in Concrete: Behaviour in Aggressive Environment 135000 2018-19
22. Dr. Gaurav Sancheti  Strength and Durability Characteristics of Nano modified Concrete with Nano silica and Marble Dust 100000 2018-19
23. Dr. Sriparna Ray  Development of New Water Soluble Metal Based Catalysts towards C-H Bond Functionalization Reactions 290000 2018-19
24. Dr. Md. Oayes Midda  Treatment of Industrial or Domestic Wastewater Effectively by Fluidized Bed Membrane Bioreactor with Low Membrane Fouling 250000 2018-19
25. Dr. Dharmesh Yadav (PI)
Dr. Rahul Goyal (Co-PI)
Development of a SHED (Sealed Housing Evaporative Determination) Facility to Measure Two Wheeler Refueling Emissions 2,97,800 2018-19
26. Dr. Uvais V. N. (PI)
Dr. Anupam Kumar Sharma (Co-PI)
Dr. Kamakhya Prakash Misra (Co-PI)
Flexible Polymer ceramic Hybrid Nanocomposite Material for Functional Applications 300000 2018-19
27. Dr. Saikat Chattopadhyay (PI)
Dr. Nilanjan Halder (Co-PI)
Development of Nanoceramic Hydroxides and Oxides for Toxic Metal Scavenging 290000 2018-19
28. Dr. Devershi Pallavi Bhatt (PI)
Ms. Pallavi Yarde (Co-PI)
School Children Safety System 175000 2018-19
29. Dr. Rajeev Mishra Tracking Metabolic Footprints in Tumor-Microenvironment Interaction and its Implications for Targeted Cancer Therapy 300000 2018-19
30. Dr. Vishnu Goyal Development of an Efficient Hybrid Vehicle with Regenerative Battery Charging System 298500 2018-19
31. Dr. Ashima Bagaria Study of the microbial population in the extreme environmental conditions of Rajasthan: Insight into their industrial and therapeutic potential 260000 2017-18
32. Dr. Veena Dhayal (PI)
Dr. Meena Kumari (Co-PI)
Surface modification of cellulose by metal oxides nanostructures for water remediation 250000 2017-18
33. Dr.Rohit Jain Transcriptomic and metabolomic studies of withania coagulans and development of strategies for enhanced metabolite production 270000 2017-18
34. Dr. Sandeep Srivastava Structural, functional and bioinformatics studies on nucleoside di phosphate kinases from gram positive bacteria as potential drug target 300000 2017-18
35. Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma Development of microbial fuel cell for efficient dye decolorization 300000 2017-18
36. Dr. Ravi Kumar Gupta (PI)
Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Sharma (Co-PI)
Design and Fabrication of Vehicle Control System for Disabled Person 250000 2017-18
37. Dr.Sanchita B Ghosh           Hydrogel Scaffold for Bone Tissue Repair 300000 2017-18
38. Dr.Santosh Patil (PI)
Dr. S.S.Ghosh (Co-PI)
Numerical and Experimental study of Bending Fatigue Failure for Modified Gears with Different Materials 160000 2017-18
39. Dr. Ravi Kumar Sharma  Development of High Thermal Conductive Organic Phase Change Materials for Thermal Energy Storage 280000 2017-18
40. Dr.Anand Chakinala  Catalytic steam reforming of bio-oils from waste residues 300000 2017-18
41. Dr. Abhishek Sharma Conversion of Agricultural Residues and other Wastes into Fuels and Energy 285000 2016-17
42. Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty (PI)
Dr. Prabhat Rajan (Co-PI)
A computational Study of Nano-Composite Materials Invoking Conceptual Density Functional Based Descriptors 290000 2016-17
43. Dr. Ram Dayal(PI)
Dr. Ankur Srivastava (Co-PI)
Investigation of Heat Transfer and Friction Characteristics of Asymmetrically heated duct, with array of Cylinders as Passive Turbulators 275000 2016-17
44. Dr. Amit Soni Experimental Study on highly adequate and flexible Preovskites (CH3NH3PbX3(X=I, Br,Cl) thin film solar cell materials for small scale applications 175000 2016-17
45. Dr. Nitu Bhatnagar Physico-Chemical Standardization of Some Ayurvedic Bhasma 200000 2016-17
46. Dr. Tikam Chand Dakal Nanotechnology for Combining Multi-Drug Resistance in Micro-organisms 275000 2016-17