Student Clubs

Student Clubs

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Manipal University offers its students a wide range of non-academic clubs that help them innovate and re-energise.


Science Club

Deapartment: PHYSICS


Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Nilanjan Halder | Assistant Prof., Bio-Science |Phone: 0141-3999100 ( Extn. 208); Dr. Ashima Bagaria | Assistant Prof., Bio-Science |Phone: 0141-3999100 ( Extn. 452); Dr. Abhijeet Singh |Assistant Prof., Bio-Science | Phone: 0141-3999100 ( Extn. 379)


Student Coordinators: Smita Nayak, student, Biotech,  2nd  year; Sukhpreet Kaur, student, B. Sc.,  Physics,  2nd  year; Ruhani Vijjan, student, B. Tech.,  IT,  2nd   year; Apurv Jha, student, B. Tech.,  Mechanical,  1st  year; Prabhas Bisen, student, B. Tech., EE,  1st  year


Introduction/Objectives of the Club: The Science Club is operational under the auspices of Department of Physics, MUJ. This club is for all the “Science Lovers” of the University. The club provides its members a forum to discuss ideas related to different branches of science and organise as well as participate in various activities.

The goal of the Science Club is advancement and diffusion of knowledge of both basic and applied sciences. The activities will include (i)lectures by renowned scientists (guest speakers) (ii) presentations and public outreach programmes (iii) field visits and tours to science labs/museum/exhibition (iv) promotion of interest in science through quiz contest, documentaries, movies etc. (v) promote/guide innovative science projects.


Membership Mode: Open to all “Science Lovers” of the University; An annual membership fee of Rs: 200/- will be charged to conform to the necessities required by Campus/University Life.




Photography Club “APERTURE”


Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Ram Dayal, 9782616007,

Student Coordinators: Kartik Ahuja, 9871181994

Introduction/Objectives of the Club: Provide a platform for constructive hobby and  expose members to photography and inculcate the sense of creativity a diverse viewpoint to the surroundings differently.

Membership Mode: Annual




Department: Mechatronics Department

Faculty Coordinator: Kumar Gaurav, Assistant Professor, +91-9672789881Email:


Student Coordinators: Dhruvak Aggarwal,Email:

Introduction/Objectives of the Club: The Robotics Club involves the student community who derive pleasure in creating robots that may even be potent to work without human intervention. The Club was created with the purpose of developing interest in the field of robotics among the student community. The Club will provide workspace, tools, and guidance to interested students apart from taking up specific projects.
The Club provides an opportunity to participate in national or international level competitions.

Objective: The Club aims at making something that has a mind of its own like humans and can do various stuff that a human can do. In other words, to allow people to expand their knowledge, interest, and connection to engineering and science concepts and careers through a hands-on learning atmosphere.

Membership Mode: Membership Fee( Rs 400 Annually)


INNOVADER (The Innovation Club)

Faculty Coordinator: ANKUR SRIVASTAVA, Assistant Professor (Mechanical Engineering),9828384492Email:


Student Coordinators: AFSHAN NASEEM ANSARI (Secretary), 7727033979 Email:

Introduction/Objectives of the Club: Innovader's objective is to promote innovation in MUJ and to enhance the technical knowledge of the students. The Club tries to convert the students innovative ideas into reality. It organizes workshop, seminars, industrial visits, paper presentation, competitions etc. for practical exposure. Innovader aims at executing good projects and help in making their club members dream come true.

Membership Mode: Membership fee Rs.1000 annually.



Green Club (Environment & Social Welfare Initiative)
Department: Computer Science Engineering

Faculty Coordinator: Dr Sandeep Joshi, Associate Professor, Dept of CSE, +919571449301Email:

Student Coordinators: Ankit Bohare, +91 7742051235  Email:

Introduction/Objectives of the Club: Green Club of Manipal University Jaipur has been an active social and environment fruition club since many academic years, and has continued to aid a helping hand for the benefactor factor of the environment.
Since its inception, the club has motivated the students or the Y-Generation to take initiative about the environment that we subsist in which sorrowfully is under rapid depletion!
From social awareness, technical solutions, to more evident clean drives and plantation, the club has been working extensively on such projects and pioneers path breaking ideas for the future.

Membership Mode: Membership fees- Free (open to all )


Tractrix (Mathematics Club)
Department: Mathematics

Faculty Coordinator: Dr Laxmi Poonia, Assistant  Professor-I, Dept of Mathematics, 9680028807 Email:

Student Coordinators: Pushpak Jaiswal,9610299159 Email:

Introduction/Objectives of the Club: The Mathematics Club is a collaboration of students who hold a practical view towards Mathematics.It consists of those students who are very passionate to deal with the challenges offered by the subject. Tractrix holds frequent meetings and problem solving sessions to complement the enthusiasm that each member carries in them. It is a club with more than a 75 members and is one of the most productive club of the university which makes students inclined towards maths.  

Membership Mode: Membership fee of Rs200 (for the whole year).

WINGS (Aeromodelling Club)
Department: Mechanical Engineering

Student Coordinators: Sohan Dudala (Secretary),+919009000036 Email:

Introduction/Objectives of the Club: WINGS is aimed to motivate and cultivate interest and skills in aero-modeling, design and flying of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The club gives access to equipment and provides a platform for knowledge sharing in aeromodelling for it’s members, which is achieved by weekly club meeting, frequent workshops, guest lectures and Industrial visits.

Membership Mode: Registrations done annually in the even semester




SOPHIA CLUB (Philosophy Club)
Department : Philosophy

Faculty Coordinator: Dr L. Anthony, Dept. of Philosophy: Email:


Student Coordinator: Akash Dayal; +91-8107201748 Email:


Introduction/Objectives of the Club: The club proposes to instill and integrate humanistic/philosophical perspective in the technological and other pursuits of MUJ students through SOPHIA Study circles, dialogues and other activities. A common platform for all students to exchange intellectual ideas and thoughts.


 Membership Mode: Free; open for all


R. P. M. – SAEINDIA Collegiate Chapter of MUJ (The Automobile Club)


Department : Automobile Engineering Department


Faculty Coordinator: Dr.Dalip Singh, Assistant Professor (Department of Automobile Engineering)



Student Coordinator: Shivam Sharma (Student Chair Person)


Introduction/Objectives of the Club: SAEINDIA Collegiate Chapter of MUJ, under the aegis of R.P.M., is a student driven club with an aim to inculcate the technical knowledge and skills in its members. R.P.M. provides a platform to share knowledge, ideas and projects amongst the members. The club emphasises on practical knowledge, for which it conducts interactive sessions, workshops, guest lectures, industrial visits, lab visits and stresses on the participation in SAEINDIA events.

 Membership Mode: Membership is annually done in the odd semester, with the registration fees being Rs. 100/- per year for R.P.M. and an additional fee of SAEINDIA depending upon the type of membership taken.



Department: Department of Languages (English)


Faculty Coordinator: Dr. Richa Arora (Director Admissions & Professor, Dept. of Languages)


Student Coordinator: Himanshu Grover (President), Mob.-+91-7728991708 Email ID:




Introduction/Objectives of the Club
: Litmus is Manipal University Jaipur’s very own literature society. The ethos of this club revolves around providing an open forum for students to discuss, discover and grow, Litmus aims to help each of its members to express themselves through various platforms such as

1. Debates

2. Group Discussions 

3. Mock Muns

4. Creative Writing(Prose, Poetry)

5. Opportunities to anchor events 

The club seeks to achieve its objectives by holding regular meetings. The idea behind each meeting is to give exposure to all the different categories of events that fall under the ambit of litmus. In addition to holding regular meetings the club provides its members with frequent opportunities to participate in various inter college, national debates and Muns.


Membership Mode: Membership fee of Rs. 100 annually.


E-Cell Club

E-cell of Manipal University Jaipur, is a non-profit student driven organization dedicated to lit up the spirit of entrepreneurship and promoting it. With mind numbing competitions, innovative strategies and multitudinous national workshops, this is a perfect place that brings a rush of adrenaline that only a peculiar business can ever bring. We at Entrepreneurship Cell, believe in hard work, dedication, team work and unquenched thirst for success. Join us, to find yourself in a brotherhood of ideation and innovation, with people who love nothing more than the thrill of coming up with ideas, working them out into businesses and experiencing the thrill of watching it come alive. With our motto of," Turning Imagination into Reality" Come and Join us to unsheathe the brilliance of your mind and to bring out the person who you really are. 


The E- Cell of Manipal University Jaipur, is a platform of multidimensional vision and prospects. It is a place where likeminded people converge to create a huge impact with their consistent effort. Student members are endowed and enthused to action by the finest and most successful entrepreneurs in a vast diversity of industries.The main objective of E-Cell is to inspire and ignite entrepreneurship among students, while offering open and friendly environment to exchange their ideas. We also help student to create networks with the support of faculty with successful entrepreneurs. The club has had the legacy of executing to do attitude.


Upcoming Events

E-Conclave (Entrepreneurship Fest)

IPR (intellectual Property Right) & GI (Geographical Indicators) Workshop


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Economic Trivia

Department – Department of Economics

Faculty Co-ordinator – Dr Pallavi Tak | Assistant Professor | 7073400360 |

Student Co-ordinators – Mr Varun Manglam - 9784541503| Brijraj Singh - 8233445553| Gunjita Charan -7073551008 | Harshit Jalan -9057378397|

Email -


Objectives –

  • Promote learning of economics on and off the campus in its most interesting and popular forms, through student initiative.
  • Facilitate two way learning process, between economics and non-economics students, and sharing of innovative ideas.
  • Provide opportunities for career guidance, personality grooming, summer internships, and outdoor learning.
  • Platform for networking among Professors, Local businesses, Government offices, Community, NGOs, Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, and Student body.

Recent Events –

  • Talk Show ‘Rendezvous with an Entrepreneur’, was organised in the month of September 2016, to inspire young budding entrepreneurs of MUJ.
  • Discussion on ‘Demonetization in India-2016’, organised in the month of November 2016, for the participants to give voice to their thoughts on the theme.
  • First General Body Meeting was held, in the month of November 2016, of all the office bearers and members to plan the upcoming Annual Fest in the month of February 2017.

Membership Mode – Registration fees Rs 200/- per annum