Indian Classical and folk music and dance performances/lecture demonstrations by artists of international repute are held. SPIC MACAY introduces traditional Indian culture to the youth of this country with the hope that the wealth of knowledge, wisdom and beauty that it encompasses will become an integral part of their lives. Classical Indian music and dance, carrying with them generations of wisdom, are the chief mediums for creating a cultural awareness in students. The greatest living exponents of these art forms travel to schools and colleges throughout the country demonstrating and teaching Indian culture. This provides an opportunity for the students to interact with the artists and benefit from their experiences. SPIC MACAY has no racial, regional, political or religious affiliation. All are welcome to its fold.


Club objective

  • Introducing students/youth to various forms of classical music & dance. 
  • Providing an opportunity for the youth to engage with and explore 
  • Generate a sense of aesthetics among students 
  • Providing a source of heathy/clean entertainment for club members as well as the audiences 
  • Cultivate the understanding of how to use cinema & theater as tools of social change & progress.



Prof Ravi Chaturvedi - Director, School of Media & Communication

Contact Number- 9314053883



Student office bearers

  • Siddhart Singh, Siddhant6140@gmail.com, 7073816944
Club Activities
  • Short films
  • Documentaries
  • Street Plays
  • Stage Plays
  • Musicals
Club Rules
The club is open to all students who are interested in Cinema & theater. No membership fee.
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