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To promote a culture founded on core values--our Vision Values--so as to provide the finest experience for our members and ongoing efforts of social responsibility to our communities.



  • To promote appreciation for food, nutrition and culinary skill amongst the members.
  • To promote and organize events related to food, hospitality in the university.
  • To give hands on practices to organize events and seminar



  • To promote culinary skills and art.
  • Our aim is to bring people together - hosts and volunteers who believe in new ideas.
  • To organize events, competitions, Lectures, Quizzes, Workshops etc.



  •  Organize Cocktail OR mocktail competition in university.
  •  Plan a field visit for students like AAHAR events or Luxury Hotels.
  •  Conduct cooking and baking work shop for MUJ as well as with external bodies/Organization



  • Registration fee Rs.100/-Per person (One time).
  • Annual Membership Fee-100/-PerPerson.



In the first year office bearers will be nominated on basic of application received by a panel of faculty members of SHM

In subsequent year entire committee member will be elected by the club Members. 


There will be a 4 member student team, whose structure will be as follows

  • President – One from Final year. (Miss. Deeksha Bansal )
  • Secretary – One from Pre-final year.(Mr.PREETANSH PAREEK )
  • Joint Secretary – One from 2nd year or 3rd year.( DEVANSH GARG & NIKESH KUMAR)
  • HR & Treasurer – One from 1st year or 2nd year.( AKSHAY SINGH & KRISHNA HARSH)


President: As the Head of the Club, the President is the key to effective student leadership. As President, he is responsible for the overall management of club. However, in order to be effective, he must learn and use the skillful art of delegating. The size and range of activity of the club will dictate how much responsibility you should delegate to each member of the Core committee. The President should take every opportunity to promote the benefits of club membership to fellow students

Specific duties of the President include:

  • Preside at all meetings of the Club.
  • Hold regular meetings of the Core committee and Faculty Coordinator.
  • Prepare the monthly report of club activities conducted and submit it to the faculty Co -ordinator.
  • Have the power to suspend or keep in hold an activity of the club.
  • Nominate from amongst members of the club for the other post by discussing with Faculty Co-ordinator.
  • Have the authority to cancel the membership of any specific member with proper reason Submitted to faculty coordinator.


Secretary: The Student Secretary is the junior Executive Officer of the Core committee. He should help the President with the workload, oversee some of the subcommittees, and manage the annual program of activities.

Since you are an important member of the Club, you can do much to motivate Club activity.

Some of your suggested duties include:

  • Should play the role of President in his absence.
  • Organize field trips or special events beyond regular program efforts.
  • Assist the President/ Vice-president in following up on assigned committee responsibilities.
  • All the plan/activities/programs are to be forwarded to the Faculty coordinator only after Secretary’s approval.


Joint-Secretary: As many Student Clubs have been around for many years, it is easy to waste time and effort on projects previously proven unsuccessful, when accurate and informative records are not kept. For this reason, the Joint- Secretary has an important and exacting task. In addition to maintaining all activity records, some of his specific duties include:

  • Keep detailed records of each club meeting?
  • Be responsible for all Club correspondence.
  • Post a calendar of events.
  • Assist the President/Vice-President to ensure that Club activities are conducted under the provisions of the Faculty Co-Ordinator and by rules and regulations.
  • Arrange for an orderly transfer of all Club records to the incoming Secretary.
  • Should conduct a monthly review from the members and should submit it in monthly report.


Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial accounts of the Club. Since final approval of a project may depend on the finances available, it is imperative that all records be kept current and as accurate as possible. The specific duties of the Treasurer include:

  • Maintain the appropriate Branch accounts.
  • Prepare an annual budget for inclusion in the Annual Plan of Activities report.
  • Prepare the final Financial Statement for inclusion in the Annual Report of Activities.
  • Arrange for an orderly transfer of all Branch financial records to the incoming Treasurer.



  • What is proper channel for discussing your ideas?

Interact about your ideas with any one of the core committee members. No member is allowed to discuss anything regarding club with the faculty coordinator without approval of the core committee members


  • What activities to be conducted inside the club?

We invite every member of the club starting of every semester to come up with any activity in which they are interested in and want to organize that activity. After taking the proposal from every member the core committee and faculty coordinator will decide the semester plan of the club.


  • How many meeting will be held every semester?

We conduct 3-4 official meetings every semester. However meetings related to planned activities can be conducted as when required after due information to club members. But, we encourage student in developing their skills so Core committee members will be Available to hear you always.