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“What makes us Happy?” a TEDx Talk by Dr. Prashasti Jain

  • April 04, 2019

“What makes us Happy?” a TEDx Talk by Dr. Prashasti Jain When: — Where: Category:

Sri Venkateswar College, University of Delhi organised a TEDx event (TEDxSVC) on the 4th April 2019. Dr. Prashasti Jain, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology was invited as a Primary speaker at the event. The Theme for the event was “Paradox of Modernity” and the subject to be delivered was “What makes us Happy?” The purpose of the talk was to analyse the paradoxes brought about by modernity and to point out that how modernity is affecting our happiness.


Dr. Prashasti Jain expressed that no real happiness can be attained without creating and maintaining a balance between modernity and traditionalism. She further elaborated how the modern world is affecting the mental and physical health of people. The audience was made aware that happiness cannot be found outside but it is an internal revolution. There is always a plasma of revolt to any modernity or revolution because the cluster of traditionalism does not permit the new wave or change which is likely to happen in the changing world. Nothing in the world can be left to stagnancy. The experience and experiments always compel to seek reforms and amendments in day to day walk of life. To attain true happiness one has to introspect honestly how the paradoxical situations can be waved of and the good of modernity is accepted in order to maintain peace and honour between traditionalism and modernity. The conflict creates crises but compromise and balance would nourish the path of real happiness.


The talk was highly appreciated and applauded by the audience.