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How MUJ’s electives encourage students to never stop learning

ByTeam MUJDecember 05, 2018

Imagine an aspiring automotive engineering who is also a wildlife photographer. Or a psychology student who studies about renewable energy sources. This is not a surprising scenario at all, especially if you study at Manipal Jaipur University (MUJ). MUJ believes that students should pick up more knowledge and skills outside of their core academic subjects, and hence offers students two types of electives – departmental and open. The former kind comprises topics that further a student’s core academic subjects. Open electives, on the other hand, are topics that students can opt for purely out of curiosity or passion.

For instance, a student pursuing architecture might want to explore another area of study within the confines of her academics. She can opt for an elective like ‘Sustainable Development’. What follows next are attending classes and submitting projects for the chosen elective as she does for all her other classes, and she will be graded for it. Her open elective grades will also contribute towards her final performance for the year. By the end of the semester or year, she will have gathered additional, invaluable knowledge about Sustainable Development that she can use when she steps into the outside world as a professional.

Similarly, students who are studying engineering or fashion or advertising or anything else can opt for electives such as ‘Elementary French’ or ‘Introduction to Accounting’ simply out of the inclination to learn. In fact, electives are a great way for students of technical subjects to tap into their creative side and vice versa. MUJ believes that learning should be a holistic process, where students enjoy what they set out to study. It is a basic human tendency to have several interests. Depriving students of exploring all of their passions would only make them experts in their chosen field of study and outdated on all other accounts. The university wants to help pupils learn whatever is their heart’s desire, to explore and become multi-dimensional personalities.

Students, too, are extremely enthusiastic about choosing different electives to suit their interests and schedules. In fact, ‘Physical Education and Sports’, ‘Introduction to Indian Music’ and ‘Eco-philosophy’ and ‘Introduction to Communication’ are some of the most popular electives opted for by students from all streams.

This kind of multidisciplinary approach to academics is what makes MUJ’s students a class apart when they step into the real world.