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Decoding: Chemical Engineering

ByDr. Manisha SharmaApril 17, 2020

Decoding: Chemical Engineering


What is Chemical Engineering?

Chemical Engineering is a broad discipline that applies the knowledge of engineering, sciences and economics to either improve the existing processes or to develop new processes for the manufacturing of useful chemicals. It includes the production, transportation, processing and usage of chemicals. Chemical Engineers find a better ways of using material and energy balances more economically.


Myth - Chemical Engineering is all about chemistry

Fact - Chemical Engineering is a lot more than chemistry. Like any other branch of engineering, chemical engineering requires a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer science. Chemists tend to work in a laboratory performing research and development of products. Chemical Engineers besides working in laboratory, scale up the technology developed in the laboratory to an industrial level. They are more diverse than chemists. It is noteworthy to say, chemists and chemical engineers work in collaboration to develop a successful technology.


Myth – Chemical Engineer can’t code

Fact – “Computers to chemical engineer are like brushes to an artist” – Anonymous Chemical Process Simulation has now-a-days become a powerful tool for chemical process simulation, control and optimization. Python, MATLAB, Aspen HYSYS, FLUENT, COMSOL,  and Aspen Plus are the major computational tools widely used by chemical engineers to perform simulation and to do parametric analysis.


Role of a Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineers are also known as the ‘Universal Engineers’ as they are involved in every sector be it chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, energy, environment, biotechnology, process control or information technology. A chemical engineer applies the fundamentals of heat, mass and momentum transfer to design, create and optimize the process. They play a crucial role in making an industry more safe, more economic and more clean. 

Chemical Engineering at MUJ

Chemical Engineering at Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) was established in 2014. The department is currently offering a Bachelor’s program and a Ph.D. program in Chemical Engineering. The curriculum is designed to meet the program objectives focusing on learning under the guidance of highly qualified faculty members. Our aim is to impart high quality education in different areas of Chemical Engineering particularly by fostering sustainability principles to improve the quality of life by focusing on valorization of biomass, water treatment, health and environment. At MUJ, we provide state-of-the-art environment and a rigorous academic program facilitating the students to excel in Chemical and allied areas of engineering.