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COMPLEX PROBLEMS. DIVERSE PERSPECTIVES. CREATIVE SOLUTIONS is the motto of SHSS, MUJ. It represents our unique style of observing—and learning about—life and the world in an interdisciplinary and intercultural way. MUJ offers a comprehensive choice of possibilities, experiences, and opportunities while maintaining it’s commitment to small classes, individualized attention, and career preparation. The rich experience and intellectual diversity of our dedicated faculty, indeed will help you to make life-long choices which shall contribute to the wellbeing of society, nature and  own selves.


All programs intend to make learn outside the boundaries of the chosen disciplines, beyond the classroom. As a Graduate of the School student will enjoy an environment that would stimulate inquiry, research skills, exploration, and evaluation - contributing to an integral part of your life-longlearning. The learning experience here not just how to do but also why, and more importantly, how to be, in the contemporary world. Being part of this will be a exclusive lifelong learning experience. 



School of Humanities & Social Sciences aspires to cultivate passion for lifelong learning in students and faculty members of diverse groups to be responsible citizens of the inclusive society. The school is committed to excel in teaching, learning, scholarship and community outreach.



SHSS endeavors to be a leader in higher education, acknowledged for unique contribution in terms of innovative lifelong learning and research and commitment to the community.



  • Learning-Centered: Innovation, knowledge, skills and intellectual flexibility are encouraged by bridging the gap between academia and practice. Continuous evaluation and learning supporting the improvement of our diverse scholarly community.
  • Student-Centered: Dedicated to education, inquiry and outreach to meet changing requirements of our students.  Our processes nurture lifelong learning, social responsibility, leadership, and individual and professional growth.
  • Excellence: Our prime motto is to achieve excellence within the campus community through opportunities for achievement in teaching, research, scholarship, innovation and outreach.
  • Diversity: Respect for diversity in all of its forms recognizing that mutual appreciation for individuality is the foundation for an inclusive society.
  • Community Outreach: Strive to contribute to the benefit of the university, the state, the nation and the world as a truly global citizen.
  • Integrity: High values for ethics and integrity are cultivated as the fundamentals on our  University is built. 

The School of Humanities & Social Sciences promotes education in the humanities and arts in various subject areas, and is a world-class centre for humanities teaching and research. It undertakes teaching and research programs in language, literature, psychology, philosophy, economics etc. It hosts lectures and conferences to expose the students to real-life work experiences and all-round growth.




Ph.D -





Physical Education

Political Science


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PG Programs -

M.Sc Clinical Psychology

MA (English)

UG Programs - 

        BA (Hons) – Economics
        BA/BSc (Hons)- Psychology
        BA (Hons) – English
        Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports (BPES)

Certificate Courses -







  • Participatory Research in Asia (pria), New Delhi
  • Institute Of Public Enterprise (ipe), Hyderabad
  • Cognovo Research Program, Plymouth University, Department Of Psychology, United Kingdom
  • Selection of MUJ as Hub under K4C International Consortium. (Manipal University Jaipur has been selected as Hub under Knowledge for Change (K4C) International Consortium to lead the creation of training in the field of Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR).)




  • Mr Saptarshi Chakrabarty, Ph.D  scholar in English was awarded the Best Paper Award at the Manipal Student Research Colloquium (MSRC -2018) organized by Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT), Sikkim Manipal University (SMU), Sikkim from 15-16th March 2018 for his research paper titled “ Denizens Unsettling: Precarity in Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West.”
  • Ms. Asha Prajapat, Ph.D. scholar research scholar in Hindi, was awarded the Best Paper Award at the Manipal Student Research Colloquium (MSRC -2018) organized by Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT), Sikkim Manipal University (SMU), Sikkim from 15-16th March 2018 for her research paper titled " Kanhaiyalal Sethiya ke Kavya mein Saundaryatmak Anubhuti."
  • Ms. Akanksha Singh, Ph.D. scholar research scholar in Economics, was awarded the Best Paper Award at the Manipal Student Research Colloquium (MSRC -2018) organized by Sikkim Manipal Institute of Technology (SMIT), Sikkim Manipal University (SMU), Sikkim from 15-16thMarch 2018 for her research paper titled " An Empirical Analysis of Growth in Agricultural Production and Role of Transportation. 




May 02,2021

Online Webinar on the 100th birthday of renowned Indian film Director Satyajit Ray

Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Manipal University Jaipur organized an online webinar on the 100th birthday of renowned Indian film director Satyajit Ray. Former Dean of Film and Television Institute of India, Pune Professor Amit Tyagi was graced the session as the guest speaker and shared interesting observations about the director.