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Prof (Dr) H Ravishankar Kamath










Prof (Dr) H Ravishankar Kamath

Manipal University Jaipur is carrying on the legacy of Manipal Education Group since its inception in 2011.

It is a multi-disciplinary University providing excellent environment conducive to learning, research and innovation. The University focuses on teaching methodology which lays stress on desired learning outcomes for students, in the form of knowledge and understanding skills.


Emphasis is laid on effective learning and teaching which emanates from the foundation of a good curriculum, where learning outcomes, assessment and feedback are all aligned with each other. The University is on the threshold of major thrust to achieving global leadership in higher education through various innovative thought processes.


Having been associated with the Manipal Group for last 28 years, I feel privileged to be now associated as Registrar with a New Age University which is striving hard to be one of best higher education institution.