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Sustainable Development Goals - 3


Through teaching, research, practise, and service, The Manipal University Jaipur equips tomorrow's leaders to maintain, protect, and enhance the health of people, families, and communities. Excellence, human dignity, intellectual curiosity, service, diversity and integrity are used as guiding principles in this process. To assist in the growth of healthcare professionals and public health practitioners, the university offers undergraduate and graduate programmes. SDG3 Good Health and Well Being is of prime importance for Manipal University Jaipur, University keeps organizing mental health awareness camps and conducts Student Happiness Survey and Faculty Happiness Survey and ensures that all the stakeholders feel healthy and well. From time to time, it continually keeps organizing Yoga sessions and sports. Good health and well-being is a prime concern of Manipal University Jaipur. This SDG is achieved by various policy provisions and action items on regular activities. University has various counselling officers for its employee and students to cater to the requirements of the mental and physical well-being of not only of its student staff and students but also of nearby residents.

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