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Sustainable Development Goals - 17


Manipal University admits that only through collaboration can we achieve Global Goals. To promote creative technical growth, fair trade, and market access, particularly for developing nations, international investments and support are required. MUJ is encouraging, sympathetic, creative, passionate, and most importantly, the cooperative principle of existence to create a better world.

Manipal University Jaipur realizes that collaboration and partnership, both locally and internationally, hold an important role to improve the quality of education, research, and service. It also provides a huge number of opportunities for students and staff, with research opportunities and funding not to mention giving opportunities for international experiences, including study abroad programs and staff exchanges. In 2021, FMUI has signed 37 agreements: specific focus on 9 research specific with international institutions and 45 agreements with local/national institutions. Manipal University Jaipur has signed 46 Industrial MoUs to ensure sustainable development Goals for humanity and mankind.

S. No SDG Report Link
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5 SDG Talks and Conferences on Sustainable Development - 17.2  CLICK HERE
6 Policy & Practices for Clean and Sustainable Campus - 17.2.4  CLICK HERE
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