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S. No  Event Description Detailed Report
1. Webinar On Become Job Ready and Enhance your career with ACCA Certification CLICK HERE
2. Webinar on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Commerce and Management CLICK HERE
3. Online Webinar on Ediotherapism By Sudhir Purohit  CLICK HERE
5. FDP and Training of Financial Accounting (FA) for ACCA - 29.10.20 CLICK HERE
6. FDP and Training of Strategic Business Leader (SBL) for ACCA CLICK HERE
7. FDP and Training of Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) for ACCA CLICK HERE
8. FDP and Training of Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) for ACCA -  23.10.20 CLICK HERE
9. Guest Lecture on Investments: Needs, Basics & Avenues By Mr. R.K. Gupta CLICK HERE
10. Online Training on Online Return Filing by Dr. (CA) DIlip Gupta CLICK HERE
12. A visit to Ashray- A home for HIV Kids CLICK HERE
13 Report on FDP-Research Methodology CLICK HERE
14 Report on Alumni Talk organised by the Department of Commerce CLICK HERE
15 Alumni Talk on Finance as a Career Decision by Ms. Sofia Khan CLICK HERE
16 Alumni Talk on Finance as a Career Decision by Ms. Kashish Agarwal CLICK HERE
17 Guest lecture on Stress Management  CLICK HERE
18 Workshop on “Managing Prowess IQ” on 03/08/2021 in collaboration with Center for Monitoring Indian Economy ( Pvt. Ltd.), Mumbai. CLICK HERE
19 Expert Session on Opportunities in the Insurance sector for the upcoming professionals CLICK HERE
20 Expert Session On Time Management  CLICK HERE
21 Expert Session on Digitalization and Modern Business CLICK HERE
22 Expert Session on Tools and techniques to bridge gap academic education and industry requirements CLICK HERE
23 Industry Expert Lecture on Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies CLICK HERE
24 Workshop on How To Create Wealth CLICK HERE
25 Expert Session On Challenges In Present Global Scenerio CLICK HERE
26 Expert Session on Application of ISO 9000:2015 CLICK HERE
27 Talk Series On Importance & Awareness Of Financial Markets CLICK HERE
28 Talk Series On Secondary Market CLICK HERE
29 Talk Series On Mutual Funds CLICK HERE
30 Talk Series On Functioning of Depository CLICK HERE
31 Talk Series On Commodity Markets CLICK HERE
32 Expert Session On Computer Assisted Audit Techniques, Law And Regulations CLICK HERE
33 Expert Session On Computation Of Total Income And Tax Liabilty Of An Individual CLICK HERE
34 Expert Session On Time Management CLICK HERE
35 Investor Awareness Program (IAP) On Commodity Markets: Importance for Young Entrepreneurs CLICK HERE
36 Expert Lecture On Life Transformation Skills-How to Live a Meaningful Life CLICK HERE
37 Investor Awareness Program (IAP) on Different Aspects of Investments in Mutual Fund CLICK HERE
38 Two day’s workshop on Banking & Financial Planning CLICK HERE
39 Expert Talk on Challenges in international business in times of uncertainty CLICK HERE
40 Workshop on Kickstarting your Investment Journey CLICK HERE
41 Expert Talk Session on venture capital/start up Investment CLICK HERE
42 Expert Talk Session on Financial Market and Operation CLICK HERE
43 Expert Lecture On Banker Customer Relationship CLICK HERE
44 Expert Lecture On Negotiation Skills and Its Advantages  CLICK HERE
45 Expert Lecture On Recruitment & Selection: Hiring the Right Person  CLICK HERE
46 Expert Lecture On Mystery Shopping: An Effective Tool for Performance Management  CLICK HERE
47 Expert Lecture On Fundamentals of Insurance CLICK HERE
48 Alumni Talk series on Future Prospects as Marketing Analyst CLICK HERE
49 Alumni Talk series on Tips for clearing ACCA Exams CLICK HERE
50 Alumni Talk series on Role of Human in Organization’s CLICK HERE
51 Alumni Talk series on Role of Academics in Career CLICK HERE
52 Alumni Talk Series On Finance As A Career Decision CLICK HERE
53 Alumni Talk Series On Future Prospects And Challenges In Higher Education: Canada Perspective CLICK HERE
54 Alumni Talk Series On mportance of Self Motivation in Life CLICK HERE
55 Guest lecture on Career Opportunities CLICK HERE
56 Expert Session On Practical Aspects Of Audit CLICK HERE
57 webinar on E-Filing of Income Tax Return CLICK HERE
58 A Session on Statcraft CLICK HERE
59 EDP on Research Methodology & Data Analysis Using SPSS CLICK HERE
60 1 Raj Air SQN NCC Jaipur organizing “NCC Air Wing Selection trial ". CLICK HERE
61 Extension & Outreach Programme: Plantation Drive CLICK HERE
62 Industry expert lecture on Challenges faced by an organization and a way ahead CLICK HERE
63 Event on Career in Financial Planning CLICK HERE
64 Alumni Talk on Role of Academic Counsellor CLICK HERE
66 Expert Lecture on The New Era of Mutual Funds: Saviour?  CLICK HERE
67 Event on Financial Awareness and Consumer Training Programme (FACT)  CLICK HERE
68 Expert Lecture on Looking for a Rewarding & Fulfilling Career- Join the Indian Navy CLICK HERE
69 Workshop on How to Avoid Publishing in Predatory Journals  CLICK HERE
70 Expert Lecture on the Topic Emerging issues under Income Tax Laws CLICK HERE
71 Alumni Talk series on ACCA and its future prospects CLICK HERE
72 Short Term Course on Goods and Service Tax CLICK HERE
73 Alumni Talk series on Auditing and Assurance CLICK HERE
74 Expert lecture on the topic Emerging Issues Under Income Tax Laws CLICK HERE
75 Expert Lecture on Negotiation and Counselling Skills CLICK HERE
76. Workshop On Self- Awareness CLICK HERE
77. Market ka Eklavya Program on Basis of Investments and money management CLICK HERE
78. Industry Visit to Rufil CLICK HERE
79. Expert Session on Managing Prowess IQ CLICK HERE
80. Expert Session on A Discussion on Economic Outlook CLICK HERE
81. Alumni talk on Entrepreneurship & Branding CLICK HERE
82. Expert lecture on Entrepreneurship CLICK HERE
83. Webinar on Gateway to Financial Freedom CLICK HERE
84. International Conference on Emerging Management Trends: Financial Literacy, Financial Inclusion and Fintech[3Fs] (ICEMT2022) CLICK HERE
85. A Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights and IP Management for Start-Ups CLICK HERE
86. Industry Visit to Varun Beverages CLICK HERE
87. Expert Session on What hiring managers want you to answer-the key to successful interviews CLICK HERE
88. Expert Session on Unleashing the leader in you CLICK HERE
89. Expert Session on Business Mannerisms CLICK HERE
90. Expert Session on Creating an impact through social media visibility CLICK HERE
91. Alumni lecture on knowledge About Career Progression CLICK HERE