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In the Internet age, information flows at an incredible rate and communication Networks allow this information to be disseminated and shared across the globe resulting in the world on our finger tips. Computation and Communication are closely knitted mutually dependent domains and thus cannot be dealt in isolation. Study of computer science along with communication engineering seems to be the need of the time and is the real challenge.



Department of Computer & Communication Engineering (CCE) at Manipal University Jaipur marked its commencement in 2015. The goal of the department is to integrate computer and communication, which includes concepts and practices of software and hardware of computers, information networks, wireless communication systems etc. The Department of CCE offers one of the most comprehensive instructional programs enhanced with research in its emerging fields. Research at the department addresses issues across the spectrum of Computer as well as Communication engineering systems. Some of the key areas include Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Web Technologies, Advance Computer Networking, Network and Information Security, Wireless Communication, Network on Chip (NoC), Software Testing, Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems.



The mission of the Department of Computer and Communication Engineering is to inculcate fundamental concepts, technical skills and working knowledge of state-of-art computing and communication technologies among the students and scholars. Further to nurture research based innovations concerning computer and communication engineering in a collaborative and conducive environment.



  • To create and offer conducive environment for safe learning and quality teaching
  • Impart learning through practical sessions and projects
  • To induce high standards professional ethics
  • To inculcate research based problem solving skills


  • Excellent labs and state-of-art infrastructure
  • Experienced and learned Faculty Members
  • Advanced and comprehensive course curriculum
  • Impart learning through practical lab sessions and projects
  • Flexibility and diversity in electives
  • Realistic approach towards market demands and industrial needs
  • Focus on innovation and research



Machine Learning

Computer Networks, Information Centric Networking

AI and Soft Computing

Embedded Systems

Information Security



Network on Chip, System on Chip

Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN)

Web Technology



The Department of Computer and Communication Engineering, School of Computing & IT, FOE offers the following program:


BTech – Computer and Communication Engineering 





CCE offers cutting edge technology to scholars to investigate, evaluate, implement, organize and manage computer & communication systems"

Prof (Dr) V S Dhaka

Head, Department of Computer & Communication



Team Luxetics lead by Rishabh Chakrabarty student of CCE department won MEDICINE HealthHACK 2020 by developing a “Near Infrared Spectrum based product” to deal with COVID-19 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA. The team Luxetics won cash prize of $2500 and invited at MIT Hong Kong Node.


Rishabh Chakraborty student of CCE department won 2nd Runner up in the Stop Covid-19 Hackthon organized by Consensys health (US) in April 2020. He and his team developed “Decentralized Pandemic Reserve” aims to create an autonomous supply chain consortium that matches individual and manufacturer resources with the area’s most in need. They won cash prize of USD $3000.