• 18
    industry collaborations
  • 16+
    lakhs in scholarships
  • 50%
    faculty members hold PhD
  • 90%
    placement for TSB students
  • 14+
    lakhs in scholarships
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Director's Message

Rajveer Singh

Computer Science is at the forefront of technological advancements and thus we have an onus to be amongst the torch bearers. Thus, In the School of Computing and IT, every effort is made to keep pace with modern pedagogical practices and emerging paradigms like MOOC, Moodle, webinars; the tools/aids for modern teaching; ever-evolving syllabi keeping pace with technological advancement and industry trends etc. At SCIT, we strive to imbibe the virtues of Manipal education system amongst the newly inducted faculty. The depth of subject knowledge is major objective of the research work thus keeping abreast of technology frontiers.


The research work in the most popular areas is being nurtured through internal research grants and sponsored project funding. To prepare students for immediate work, an exposure is offered through opportunities in such research work during the final semester for UG and final year for the PG students. We also attempt to enrich the laboratory work through interaction with industry collaborations by way of expert lectures and lab exercises drawn from projects running in field.


The school is one of the biggest in MUJ with three degree courses and  the commensurate numbers of experienced faculty. Having its first batch just out a year ago, we have long way to go in terms of establishing SCIT as one of the best schools amongst it’s peers in India. I wish the students of SCIT would reflect the quality and dedication of its faculty, latest and relevant syllabi of courses, and state of the advanced infrastructure like laboratories and their modern content.     



Dr Rajveer Singh Shekhawat


 The School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT) at Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) consisting of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering and the Department of Information Technology, offers three undergraduate programmes, viz., Computer Science & Engineering, Information Technology and Computer and Communication Engineering. All the above Bachelor of Technology programs enable a student to get expertise in all areas related to Computing, Information Technology and Electronics & Communication, with focus on Theoretical Computer Science, software engineering, High Performance computing, networking and mobile communication & computing and covering the latest technologies in cloud computing and big data analytics. The program also includes the latest tools and technologies with certification for real life application development.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities are in the following companies, but not limited to, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Cisco Systems, Intel, Samsung, Honeywell, Amazon, Deloitte, Infosys, TCS, Wipro, Accenture, etc.

About SCIT

School of Computing & Information Technology has Postgraduate programs in four Computer Science and Information Technology specialisations. Doctoral programs are very popular, with a substantial number of research scholars, both full time and part-time on the rolls. The School has a highly qualified and motivated faculty in its two Departments. The faculty is not only engaged in teaching and research, but also offers its expertise through various Conferences, Seminars and Workshops, to private and public sector industry employees as well as to various government agencies.

The teaching and research work at the School is amply supported by Central facilities such as the Central Library, Central Computing Facility and Central Instrumentation Facility. The School is geared to prepare students to meet the ever-increasing technological and social challenges with traditional self-discipline, hard work, all-round personality development and a creative approach to solve problematic issues. We also promote and nurture the spirit of innovation and enterprise in our students from the first semester itself, so as to enable them, not only to be industry ready, but also to be job creators, not just job seekers, when they graduate. To this end, we have engaged with industry to provide a flexible and interdisciplinary, credit-based curricular structure to students. SCIT has collaborative programs for students and faculty, with IT giants like Microsoft IT Academy, EMC2, Nvidia, Intel, etc. The School also provides ample opportunity and encouragement to its students to participate in various sports and other extra and co-curricular activities, to help them develop a well-balanced personality.

laboratories at SCIT

The School has four state-of-the art laboratories, as given below, apart from the Central Computing Facility (CCF) lab., which has 120 computers and caters to the student requirements.

  • Research Lab - Consists of 30 computers, catering mainly to M Tech students and Research Scholars of the department and specialised software like Qualnet, MatLab, SPSS etc.
  • Data Structure Lab - Consists of 30 computers catering to higher semester BTech CSE students/MCA and BCA students
  • Programming Language Lab - Consists of 30 computers, to make students understand the OOPS concepts
  • Data Science & Data Analytics Lab has been setup with support from EMC2.


Research grants and facilities to bring your ideas live.