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The School of Civil & Chemical Engineering (SCCE) is instituted with a well-defined vision of achieving international repute in education, training and research in the core and allied fields of Civil & Chemical Engineering. The school offers basic and advanced training programs to its students and exposes them to related research in contemporary and futuristic technologies, by way of continual improvement and consistent innovation in material and intellectual infrastructure.


In SCCE, we recognise the developing sustainable industrial requirements. We focus on advanced "smart" ways of technological applications, contributing to the socio economic growth of the nation, with seamless integration of diverse engineering facets of the industry. We aim to cultivate core competencies and keep our students abreast with basic & applied research.



Metrology, Surveying, Geology, Fluid Machinery, Soil Mechanics, Highway and Concrete Technology, Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering etc.




Department of Chemical Engineering


Department of Civil Engineering