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S. No  Event Description Detailed Report
1 Expert talk on “Automobile Sector- the way ahead” CLICK HERE
2 Expert talk on “ Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology” CLICK HERE
3 Expert talk on Building Career in – “ Residential , Commercial & Automobile Air-conditioning Industry”  CLICK HERE
4 Expert talk on “Vehicle Review Writing Skill” CLICK HERE
5 Alumni expert talk on “ 48 volt technology” CLICK HERE
6 Alumni expert talk on “Fundamental required for various career aspect in electrical vehicle industry” CLICK HERE
7 Alumni Webinar on Automotive Journalism  CLICK HERE
8 Expert lecture series on “Vehicle Dynamics and Stability Control” . CLICK HERE
9 Expert talk on “Digital Marketing of Electric Vehicles”. CLICK HERE
10 Expert talk on “Global Scope of Automobile Engineering”. CLICK HERE
11 Expert talk on “Opportunities of Overseas Education”. CLICK HERE
12 A Report on Participation in BAJA SAE INDIA 2021 CLICK HERE
13 Report on Two Days Mega Car Service Check-up Drive On 6-7 Dec. 2021 CLICK HERE
14 School Connect - Auto Quiz CLICK HERE
15 Polytechnic Connect - Auto Quiz CLICK HERE
16 Motorsport fest CLICK HERE
17 Expert Lecture Series on Quality Assurance  CLICK HERE
18 Alumni Talk on Plan Your Next Steps After Bachelor's CLICK HERE
19 Alumni Talk on Myths and Expectations in Automotive Industry for Beginners CLICK HERE
20 Alumni Talk on Experience as an Early Stage Interdisciplinary Reasearcher CLICK HERE