Dr Nitu Bhatnagar

Manipal University Jaipur
Contact: +91 141-3999100 Extn: 102
Email: registrar@jaipur.manipal.edu
  • The Registrar is the Member-Secretary of the Board of Management and Academic Council.
  • All contracts shall be signed and all documents and records shall be authenticated by the Registrar on behalf of the University.
  • The Registrar shall exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be prescribed by the Statues.
  • The Registrar is the custodian of the records, the common seal and such other property of the University as the Board of Management may, commit to his/her charge.
  • Has the power to enter into agreements, sign documents and authenticate records on behalf of the university, subject to the decision of the authorities of the university.
  • Has the responsibility to prepare and update the Handbook of the Statutes and Regulations approved by the authorities, bodies or committees, from time to time, and make them available to all the authorities of the university.
  • Has the authority to receive complaints and suggestions in regard to the improvement of administration and consider them for appropriate action from time to time.
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