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Sending your child off to higher education destination away from your home is not an easy choice.

However, the ultra-modern campus at the Manipal University Jaipur will instantly put you at ease. MUJ campus is located a few miles off the Jaipur-Ajmer expressway in a tranquil environment built away from the bustle of the city.

The campus is designed with the students’ comforts in mind and caters to their every need. Be it state-of-the-art academic infrastructure like laboratories and libraries or living comforts like hostels and food courts, the campus boasts of the best-in class facilities.

We offer your child a wealth of services to support them and provide them with the comfort that would help them feel at home.

Our Human Resources are always open to your suggestions and we look forward to hearing from you.

At Manipal University Jaipur, we firmly believe that the role of the parents in educating their child is much beyond just sending them off to school. We believe that this ongoing process requires your attention and we do just that.

Parents at Manipal University Jaipur are a core part of their child's academics. They are active participants of their child's welfare and education.

We are proud that you chose Manipal University Jaipur as the frontier to the future of your child. We will only make this decision stand true!

We welcome you all to the Manipal family !!  

Manipal University Jaipur provides my daughter with quality education and expertise mentorship that no other college would have. The wealth of knowledge she has gained since the time she joined here is immense and this only makes me trust the fact that my decision of sending her off to MUJ was the best thing I could have given to her as a parent."

Vidya Rajendra KhannaBanking, South Delhi




Manipal University Jaipur offers various programs across diverse streams of study.


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MUJ has students on roles from different states across the country, pursuing graduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. This has resulted in a vibrant, intellectually charged and culturally diverse environment that presents a unique learning environment.


The Student Affairs department’s activities cover wide areas such as guidance, wellness, health and counselling. Our idea is to help students reach their highest potential in the areas of intellectual curiosity and personal well-being.


As an almamator, our duty towards your child goes beyond just academics, we see to it that your child feels at home on campus.

The University has state-of-the-art hostel facilities and rooms that will help your child blend in and learn to love this home away from home.


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Sports facilities are provided to all students to help them keep up with their fitness regime. Along with this, the hostels also has a gym which the students can use regularly.


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The University follows strict discipline with regard to ragging. Students involved in ragging are punished severely and any action that leads to suspicious behaviour will not be taken leniently. The action against students may include suspension from college, reprimending the student from the hostels etc.

The University has taken an extra step to keep discipline and formed an on campus committee to keep ragging at bay.

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Your child's safety is our primary concern and we treat this with utmost priority.


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  • Girls - +917727006783



Email ID:

Toll Free No: 1-800-266-7777

Extn No: 257,301,297



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Tel Fax: +91 141 3999100

Extn: 243, 253


The Academic Calendar holds the list of holidays and the academic schedule for the academic year 2015-2016.


List of Holidays - 2015

Academic Calendar: 2015-16


The world renowned pedagogy of Manipal is the key differentiator that prepares our graduates to face the challenges of life and sets them apart from the rest. Students at MUJ are not just instructed, but mentored.


It is this mentorship that enables a student to see beyond the ordinary, to set goals higher than the usual and more importantly, to achieve the impossible.


With a legacy of excellence in education that spans over six decades, Manipal University Jaipur is proud to groom students who one day shall be reknowned illustrators of the industy that they are working in.

After looking at my child groom at Manipal University Jaipur I am ascertain that the quality of education and cultural know-how that the university provides, mu decision of sending my child here was the best decision I have taken for him."

Raghuveer Singh Rajput