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To the students

Welcome to the official Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) website.

It is our pleasure to have you with us on campus. We are here providing you with the state-of-the-art facilities and expertise academics.

At Manipal University Jaipur we almalgamate expertise and professionalism giving you a roller coaster of fun and knowledge. Explore your talents and put them to great use. The University promises to offer its students an unparalleled experience which will prove to be a blend of academic excellence and learning to live with students of other cultures.

Studying here at Manipal University Jaipur, you are a part of a diverse community which includes students from all over the world.

This website gives you access to information on services and resources to help you get the best out of your university experience.

We stand here to help you through all your queries. Just send us your feedback to webmaster@jaipur.manipal.edu.


Research grants and facilities to bring your ideas live.



An anti-ragging committee has been set up by the university to keep in check and avoid misbehaviour. While Ragging is strictly banned on campus, any notice of ragging will be handled with utmost discipline and no leniency will be shown for the same. The student/students will be suspended from college and reprimended from the hostels.


Safety & Security

The safety of students, faculty and visitors is important to us. Manipal University Jaipur is a semi-rural campus, and severe security measures must be observed to keep check of personal safety.


Academic Rules & Regulations

It is expected by the student to follow and abide by the rules and regulations that are set by the University. This also includes well maintained behaviour and etiquettes in and around the campus.


Student's Grievance Cell

Student’s Grievance Cell is constituted for redressal of the grievances of students of Manipal University Jaipur. This cell regularly examine the grievances received from the student, and proposes necessary measures to be taken by the Administration to resolve the same.



Research grants and facilities to bring your ideas live.


Research grants and facilities to bring your ideas live.