• 34
    industry collaborations
  • 2
    million sqft of built up area
  • 850
    KW solar power
  • 7000
    Students Capacity Hostels
  • 40
    international collaborations


Rapid growth in scientific knowledge is an indication of quest for innovations which has an impact on economic and societal development. Science, technology and innovation is often initiated in the university environment and it is also the mission of Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ). MUJ envisages the process of convergence of traditional disciplines as the key to accomplish the previously unimaginable. With this foresight, MUJ has been promoting multi-disciplinary research programme, focusing on basic and applied research, technology development and innovation. It is this vision that has helped the institute to do very well in all spheres of science, engineering and humanities and social sciences.


At MUJ, we have consciously promulgated the idea of involving faculty and students in forefront research publications. This led to the initiation of a formal faculty and student’s award incentive schemes and various grants entitled as;

  • Faculty Award Incentives for Research (FAIR) Publication,
  • Publication and Research Award Incentive for Students to Excel (PRAISE),
  • Seed /Endowment grants for research quality enhancement,
  • Dr. Ramdas Pai Scholarship for Ph.D. students
  • Strong Institutional Linkages to the faculty and students through:
    • Visiting Scientist Fellowship
    • Short term Research Fellowship
    • Faculty Industry Immersion Fellowship
    • Student Travel Grant for International Internships

Research at MUJ has been recognized at national/international level with active participation in several key projects and several joint collaborations with various Industries.

Research Policies and Guidelines