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MUJ Libraries hold vast information resources. Libraries regularly bring out services to inform the users of latest developments and availability of newly acquired documents for use. These services assist the users in pursuit of and access to required information and keeping them informed of latest developments in their subject fields.

The Faculty of Design Library of Manipal University Jaipur provides value added services including:  


Inter Library Loan Service

It is impossible and not feasible for a library to acquire all documents demanded by the users. It will be imprudent to spend budget on buying an odd request for a document from a noncore subject field. In such cases the library should depend on the resources of other libraries. The stray demands of users can be fulfilled to some extent by entering in to Inter Library Loan (ILL) agreement with DELNET member libraries.


Photocopying and Printing Service

The Faculty of Design Library of Manipal University Jaipur extends printing service and photocopying of few pages of books, journal articles and previous year University question papers and assignments at a nominal charge.


Web OPAC Service

The Faculty of Design Library holds nearly 7000 books; 50 print journals, 100 back volumes, 150 CD/DVD-ROMs and 150 project reports, dissertations and theses. The full bibliographic data of the holdings is entered in the Koha LMS system and the OPAC database is updated. The OPAC of Library resources is constantly updated and is made available on the University Intranet/Internet as Web OPAC for searching. Users can search OPAC from any computer terminal in the Campus-wide network. Also many terminals are provided in the Central Library which can be used for searching the OPAC. The digital documents can be downloaded from the servers while users can find the location of print documents for accessing them.


Reference Service

Optimum utilization of print and digital resources of the library, through meaningful interaction with the users, is an important feature of the reference service. The MUJ Faculty of Design Library provides information and referral services to the library users. It covers familiarizing new users with the library stack area, reference and digital resources available in the library and their access information.


Current Awareness Service

Most of the Faculty usually have interest in a few subject fields and continue to work and do research in their own chosen fields of interest throughout their career. About a quarter of their professional man-hours are devoted to scientific writing of papers, attending conferences, delivering invited lectures, and attending technical meetings for exchanging and updating their expertise with peers.


Standards/ Patents Information Service

Any institution dealing with developmental works, projects, laboratory work, research, and education a necessity will arise for standards as well as patents. These are very crucial documents and provide vital specifications to be followed and primary information on innovations. MUJ Libraries procure on need basis standards from concerned Standard/Patent offices.


User Education Programme

Libraries spend a lot of budget in acquiring, processing, and making print and digital resources to its users. It is the primary responsibility of the Librarian to create awareness in the library users. In academic environment there is always change in the population of Students, Scholars, Staff and Faculty due to starting of new courses, new batches of students and so on. So, it becomes imperative to initiate the new members joining MUJ fraternity to the library, its resources, facilities and services offered. This would not only create interest but also knowledge of the valuable information and knowledge repositories in the Institution.