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  • Rooms will be allotted on first-come-first-serve basis after the full payment of Hostel fees. Allocation of the rooms will be done through our online portal. For those who are not able to get through the online portal, a provision for such on-spot assistance will be available in the hostel during the room allocation


  • Foreign / NRI students may reserve their rooms while submitting their application forms. Reservation will be based on their registration for the course with the admissions office. Foreign/NRI students will be required to submit self-attested photocopy of their passport along with their visa and relevant documents (e.g. Form C)


  • Students are required to bring One passport size photograph and a printed copy of the online payment registration receipt


  • Allotment made to a student is subject to cancellation if he/she fails to occupy the room in the prescribed time. Students will also forfeit their rooms if they fail to clear all their hostel dues before the due date. In such cases, they will be asked to vacate the hostel. Any student rusticated from the university for disciplinary reasons will need to immediately vacate from Hostel and in such case Hostel fees will not be refunded


  • Hostel accommodation is allotted purely on condition that the student agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations of the hostel. The Chief Warden reserves the right to evict the resident from the hostel at any time on disciplinary grounds


  • The Chief Warden reserves the right to break open rooms in case of any violation of hostel rules, suspected unlawful activities or on the basis of security risk perceived



  • Students must occupy rooms specifically allotted to them. They are not allowed to change rooms except with the written permission of the Chief Warden


  • Application of change of room to Chief Warden Office will be permitted only after one month of room allocation as per availability and allowed only one time with valid reason


  • The shift will be permitted only on production of a receipt of payment and written approval from Chief Warden Office


  • GHS has full discretion on allotment and change of rooms at anytime



  • Complete safety and security of students is ensured by the Chief Security Officer and Chief Warden


  • It is compulsory to use underpass for going to university from the hostel


  • Biometric access is compulsory wherever needed and tailgating is not allowed


  • The University strongly discourages students from staying outside the hostels. However, the students wish to make their own arrangements, they have to submit a consent letter from their parents/guardian to the President, Manipal University, Jaipur. It is mandatory for such students to give their local address, contact / mobile number and subsequent changes as well (if any) to the designated authorities


  • If a hostel resident student wants to vacate the hostel for any reason, his / her parents hasto submit a written consent letter to the chief warden office, Manipal university Jaipur


  • The Hostel In & Out time will be communicated by the Chief Warden Office through notices or email



  • The students will be provided with a detailed handbook of Hostel Rules and Regulations at the time of admission. This will be made available on our hostel online student portal also, it is mandatory for students to accept the same, before they proceed to book the room online
  • The student will receive an email with detailed instructions to book their hostel rooms, on their registered email Id after their admission is confirmed with the university
  • It is expected that students take care of all assets with extreme diligence. Ill-handling of any asset by the student will be borne by Student either individually or collectively. In this, the decision of the Chief Warden will be final
  • Student Undertaking Form
    All the fresher students / 1st time hostelers are needed to sign the undertaking form at the time of room allocation.