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  • How long can I extend my stay in the hostel after the exams in May 2020?

    Students will be allowed to stay in the hostel till 31st May 2020. . All students will have to vacate the hostel on or before 31st May 2020 except for those who are enrolled in summer classes. Students of 4th year BTech and 5th Year BArch, who pays for half year shall be allowed to stay till 31st December 2020.

  • Am I supposed to handover my room to hostel team before proceeding on vacations during summers?

    Yes. Students who are leaving the hostel permanently have to follow the complete vacating process, which includes Collection of vacating forms from caretaker office, getting no dues certificate from all departments and handing over the key.

    Students who shall continue the next year should submit their room keys in the caretaker office ensuring all belongings are under lock and key. As maintenance work is done during the summer vacations. 

    Note: Management shall not be responsible for any missing belongings in the room. Students are requested to keep their belongings under lock and key and inside the wardrobe.

  • Do I need to keep my luggage in the cloak room?

    It is the student’s choice to use the cloak room to keep the luggage during the summer vacation. The cloak room space is provided inside the campus and receipt is provided upon receiving the luggage. The same is required to return the luggage.

  • During vacations, I am staying back for my summer classes and exams thereafter. Do I need to pay extra for that?

    Yes. Your room is booked till 31st May 2020. An extra day stay shall be chargeable. For more details students can visit the finance department in our facility block.
  • During Summers, if I need to stay in the hostels for an extended period of ten days, how much would I have to pay?

    The fees and rules of extension of stay shall be communicated one month before the end of stay through notices and mails. Students are requested to follow the notice boards regularly.
  • How to book my hostel room?

    Step 1 – Get admission in the university

    Step 2 – University will send your admission details to Hostel

    Step 3 – Hostel will send an E-mail to you to book your room. Step 4 – This E-mail will contain username and password to log in to

    Step 5 – is a room booking website for our hostels

    Step 6 – Once you log in you will be able to select your room

    Step 7 – Once you select your room you will be directed to make the payment

    Step 8 – Once full payment is done, your selected room will be booked for you

    Step 9 – Bring the room allocation form given in the website, during reporting to hostel

    Step 10 – Keys will be given to you based on the room allocation form

  • What is the refund policy?

    Hostel fee is strictly non-refundable after the commencement of academic year. Incase of refund a nominal charge of INR 5000/- as administrative charges will be deducted.

  • What is the room vacating process?

    Step 1: Student has to inform the caretakers

    Step 2: Student’s parent have to give a written application to caretaker office

    Step 3: Vacating form needs to be collected by students from the caretaker office

    Step 4: No dues signature in all departments needs to be taken by the student

    Step 5: The no dues signed form needs to be submitted to caretakers

    Step 6: Keys needs to be returned along with the vacating form

    On the successful completion of the complete vacating process the students will be returned the refundable security deposit