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Happiness, Success and Learning – the Manipal Way to achieve more

ByTeam MUJApril 10, 2020

Happiness is a choice. One may choose to be happy or sad, it depends on his attitude. It is correctly said in one of the Bollywood movies that life is a race and everyone is running. But on asking someone, behind what are they running, the general response is – success. So now the question is what is success?


The Perplexity

Someone says that the accomplishment of the aim, target or purpose is a success. But it has been observed that achieving the target is a continuous process – another comes if one is achieved and the person keeps on running behind the targets in search of happiness. This gives nothing but frustration and after some time he becomes the prey of stress. May these be the personal or professional targets; a person loses his identity in running behind these ‘fake’ goals. The happiness seems to stand far laughing out loud. And one day he departs from this world leaving the legacy of his unaccomplished targets.


The Way Out

The never-ending cyclone of running behind the success without being happy is worthless as it brings frustration. This can be broken to fetch real delight of success by following the simple step-by-step way out.

Before defining the goals, one must define self – which means objectively defining own character and belief. It means to have reflective consciousness. After preparing self and defining goals, the next step is to make a sincere effort with all preparation to achieve the goal. The result is to be self-assessed and the variances to be determined. Feedback and feedforward should also be taken from the stakeholders to improve future efforts. One must not forget to celebrate; not the results but the efforts made and for the learnings. This gives a chance of betterment and re-defining the self for the re-defined goals.

One must always re-define self and the goals before proceeding further. After making an attempt, it is also necessary to self-assess and celebrate because it gives happiness, confidence and new energy to proceed further.


Teaching-Learning at Manipal University Jaipur

Teaching and Learning with delight and achieving more in less time is the Manipal way. Recently, Manipal University Jaipur, became the first University in Rajasthan and the youngest University of India to be accredited by NAAC with A+.

The teaching-learning process as explained above is followed by all the departments and schools of Manipal University Jaipur. Besides imparting quality education with passion, we believe in inculcating the values i.e., integrity, transparency, teamwork, and humane touch amongst our students so that they may realize happiness – the real fruit of success in all the phases of their life.