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Information for B. Tech First Year (II Semester) students

Timetable for the second semester (Jan-May 2020) Click here to download
List of Course-coordinators Click here to download
List of Section coordinators Click here to download
List of Teacher-Guardians Click here to download

Information for Non- Engineering First Year students

Escalation Matrix (for Teacher Guardians)

S.No Department Name Designation Mob No Extention No E mail ID
1 Security Lt Col Mahavir Prasad Saini CSO 7727006795 493 cso.muj@jaipur.manipal.edu
2 Mr. Rohitashwa Singh SO 8559960704 205 security.muj@mssindia.org
3 Chief Warden Lt Col Kartik Datt Chief Warden  8003599904 108 chief.warden@jaipur.manipal.edu
4 Mr Kedar Mal Jangid Chief Warden Office 8003999389 149 office.chiefwarden@jaipur.manipal.edu
5 Library Dr. K S Shivraj Chief Librarian 9942557347 179 karamadai.shivraj@jaipur.manipal.edu
6 Mr. Satya Narayan Bagada Librarian 9414360590 251 satynarayan.bagada@jaipur.manipal.edu
7 Mess/ Food Mr Rajeev Singh Unit Head,COW 7727006789 116 rajeev.singh@chefonwheels.in
8 Mr Manish Kumar Unit Head 9582282244   manish.kumar@chefonwheels.in
9 Academics Dr. Ajay Kumar Director Academics 8003599921 217 ajay.kumar@jaipur.manipal.edu
10 Dr. Bhavna Tripathi Deputy Director (Academics) 9460383678 739 bhavna.tripathi@jaipur.manipal.edu
11 Dr Arun Kumar Poonia Assistant Director (Academics) 9929113568 639 arunkumar.poonia@jaipur.manipal.edu
12 DMS Dr. Neha Choudhary Incharge DMS 9785500056 768 neha.choudhary@jaipur.manipal.edu
13 Hostel Mr Shahid Jamal General Manager  7727006774 171 shahid.jamal@goodhostspaces.com
14 Mr Ranjay Jayshing Verma Assistant General Manager (Operation) 7728894330 172 ranjay.verma@goodhostspaces.com
15 Medical Centre Dr Sunil Kumar Medical Officer 9829874723 555 medicalcentre.muj@goodhostspaces.com
16 Dr Banawari Lal Yadav Medical Officer 8104586273 555 medicalcentre.muj@goodhostspaces.com
17 Dr Akansha Raj Sharma Medical Officer 8178782577 555 medicalcentre.muj@goodhostspaces.com
16 Counselor Ms.Vidhita Ranawat Student Counselor 9928573741 555  
17 DSW Prof Gurdaman Lal Sharma Dean Students' Welfare 9642437555 182 gurdamanlal.sharma@jaipur.manipal.edu
18 Dr Sandeep Joshi Deputy Director Student Welfare Society Connect 9571449301 258 sandeep.joshi@jaipur.manipal.edu
19 Dr Anil Dutt Vyas Deputy Director Student Welfare Student Events 8003599912 386 anildutt.vyas@jaipur.manipal.edu
20 Dr. Vijay Laxmi Sharma Deputy Director Student Welfare Student Club 9828117520 318 vijaylaxmi.sharma@jaipur.manipal.edu
21 Dr Abhishek Shrivastava Deputy Director Student Welfare Student Discipline 7891752313 577 abhishek.shrivastava@jaiupr.manipal.edu
22 Dr Rina Poonia Deputy Director Physical Education 8560097932 377 rina.poonia@jaipur.manipal.edu
23 Dr Archana Poonia Assistant Director Student Welfare
(Student Counseling, TG & Tea with President)
9781140022 479 archana.poonia@jaipur.mainpal.edu


APPLICATION FORM FOR NCC (2018-19) Click here to download
NCC New Enrollment Notice (2018-19) Click here to download
Procedure for MATLAB download and Installation  Click here to view


Research grants and facilities to bring your ideas live.



An anti-ragging committee has been set up by the university to keep in check and avoid misbehaviour. While Ragging is strictly banned on campus, any notice of ragging will be handled with utmost discipline and no leniency will be shown for the same. The student/students will be suspended from college and reprimended from the hostels.


Safety & Security

The safety of students, faculty and visitors is important to us. Manipal University Jaipur is a semi-rural campus, and severe security measures must be observed to keep check of personal safety.


Academic Rules & Regulations

It is expected by the student to follow and abide by the rules and regulations that are set by the University. This also includes well maintained behaviour and etiquettes in and around the campus.


Student's Grievance Cell

Student’s Grievance Cell is constituted for redressal of the grievances of students of Manipal University Jaipur. This cell regularly examine the grievances received from the student, and proposes necessary measures to be taken by the Administration to resolve the same.



Research grants and facilities to bring your ideas live.


Research grants and facilities to bring your ideas live.