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E-PAD: The Custom Built Examination Writing Device 


Examination Cell, Manipal University Jaipur introduced ‘E-Pads - The Custom Built Examination Writing Device for B.Tech 1st Year students for the academic year 2019-20. Three days training session for students and faculties were organized followed by three days practice sessions. The examination cell has also conducted two-days MOCK test before the 1st Sessional Examination. 


About E-Pads

E-Pads are custom build exam writing devices which are biometric and completely secure. It will enhance the student’s exam-taking experience and will empower the Controller of Examinations (CoE) with more control over security & logistics. The evaluation process will also improve by increasing efficiency & accuracy of marking by evaluators.

During exams, the writing devices do not require power as they have 14 hours backup built-in. The writing devices never connect to the Internet directly for highly secure exam environment. Students does not need to bring anything to exam hall – No Admit Card, Pens, Pencils, Color pens, Scales, Protractors, etc, as it is already in-built. The PEXA Cloud is a completely secure environment, accessible only by authorized personnel, on a role based user access model. Access can be restricted to named IPs 5 Customizable exam processes. It is easily configure PEXA Cloud, to support existing exam processes.


Trainings Conducted:

1. Students Training: - August 26-27, 2019 two-sessions each per day of 250 students,

2. Faculty Training: - August 28-29, 2019 two-sessions of two hours.

3. E-pads for student practice August 28-30 Room no-22 (AB1) and for August 31, Sep 01 and Sep 02 Room no – 08, 09 & 22 of 1AB.

4. Mock Test on the E-pads for specific courses on September 03-04, 2019


Conduction of all Examinations on E Pads for the B.Tech Ist year was smooth and successful.