Analytical Research Technique : An Empirical Insight Into Research Methodology

Nov 15, 2018

Analytical Research Technique : An Empirical Insight Into Research Methodology

To enlighten the student about analytical research technique, Department of Economics, School of Humanities & Social Science ,Manipal university of Rajasthan, organized a one-day workshop " Analytical Research Technique : An Empirical Insight Into Research Methodology" on 15 November, 2018 which focused on broad areas related to  applicability, accuracy and efficiency of analytical research technique in economic science. The main aim of the workshop was to offer a platform to undergraduate and research scholars among the people across university for mutual exchange of their ideas. Additional emphasis is placed on how to deal with economic data, developing a research project, and in developing critical thinking skills in applied economic analysis.


It was started with the introductory speech about the resource person Dr. Anurag Asawa, Associate Professor, Gokhale Institute of politics and Economics by Dr. Shilpi Gupta. This was followed by the note of thanks giving by the Prof N.D. Mathur, Director, SHSS.

Further, resource person describe the application of statistical concept to economic analysis, relation of sample data to underlying population, various ways for data collection, sample design, research design etc.


Second session was based on interaction where the research scholars and students got an opportunity to ask questions regarding their respective fields of research work. All the tracks were of great insights as it provided with the great opportunity to inspire, incubate, integrate and strengthen interdisciplinary and innovative research amongst the students and research scholar. It also provided a platform to meet and interact with students and research scholar of different streams from the university.