Awareness Program-Substance Abuse and its ill-Effects on Society

Apr 18, 2019

Organization social and legal awareness campaign in the premises of government school

On 18th April, 2019 all the members of VSSAP including volunteers and Faculty of law, Manipal university Jaipur organized social and legal awareness campaign in the premises of government school.The Campaign started with the awareness was carried from Manipal University Campus gate to the premises of the government school, at 10:00 A.M. The rally spread the awareness through slogans and posters.

In the school premises different activities were carried out. Words of legal and social awareness regarding substance abuse, domestic violence and motor vehicle accidents were shared by Dr. Vijay Laxmi (Chairperson of VSSAP Committee) addressed to the gathering and introduced the objective of . Dr. Sony Kulshreshta and Law faculty members were witnesses of this event. Principal of the school and other teachers appreciated the noble initiative by the students, School of Law MUJ and conveyed his gratitude to Dean FoA&L Prof Mridula Srivastava for her leadership and guidance. This was followed by the skit was performed by the members and volunteers of VSSAP. The skit focused on awareness on the three major issues which includes Substance Abuse, Domestic Violence and Motor Vehicle Accidents.

First skit demonstrated domestic violence. The depicted abuse made by to his had on . The message carried out by the skit showed substance abuse lead to domestic its use must be prohibited.The second part of the play depicted the adverse impact of substance abuse on society. The act also showcased the fatal death accident which occurs due to drink and drive cases. Helpline numbers were also displayed which can be used in case of emergent situations.The play concluded with the last scene which depicted the legal consequences of drug intake and related to drink and drive. The awareness concluded with students the committee interacting with students and conducting activities such as quiz and other activities including dancing and singing.At the end chocolates and drinks were distributed among the students of the school.The VSSAP committee, consisting of five core members, viz. Piyush Kumar Roy, Anshul Sharma, Rahul Kumar Kumawat, Yajur Sharma and Rahul Dadhich and three executive members, viz. Muskan Jain, Manini Kaushik and Eesha Vij.