Enlightening Session by Dr. Simon George at TSB

Sep 20, 2018

Enlightening Session by Dr. Simon George at TSB

TAPMI School of Business was privileged to have Dr. Simon George, Dean (Academics), TAPMI Manipal with us on 19th and 20th september,2018.   He shared his knowledge on case analysis with TSB students and faculty development programme.


The case analysis session with TSB students held on September 19th, 2018. The motive of the case analysis programme was to expertise the students in case studies, which would help them to improve their analytical skills. Dr Simon George, helped the students to understand about the case study, the relevance of it and also the various strategies to solve them. The students felt that this session was completely proficient and engrossing. He also encouraged the students with his motivational speech.

The one Faculty development programme was also taken by Dr Simon George on September 20th, 2018. The programme was focused on system, processes, curriculum and pedagogy. Dr. Simon George emphasized on the role of having right goal at institute, strategic programme and personal level. The FDP enlightened the faculty members on various aspects of Course learning outcomes (CLO) and to bride it with Bloom's taxonomy. Overall the FDP was a knowledge apprise for the TSB faculty members.


Both the students and the faculty of TSB had a great experience throughout the sessions. The sessions ended on an informative note, solution to various queries and hope for making better insight in case analysis and development for the future.