Guest Lecture by Dr Animesh Bahadur at TSB

Jan 27, 2020

organized by TAPMI Business School, Manipal University Jaipur

TAPMI School of Business got an opportunity to host Dr Animesh Bahadur, a guest faculty from TAPMI, Manipal. He educated the first year students on Industrial Relations.



He touched upon various topics in his sessions, naming a few: Dunlop model, the history, present role and laws regarding trade unions, the political influence  and personnel management in industries, the theories surrounding different trade union beliefs and history of these ideologies as well as their adoption, types of bargaining, misconduct  and discipline and the legislative laws regarding the above.


It was an engrossing session as it covered the history and realties of today's industries. Prof. Animesh kept us engrossed by connecting the past with the present happenings around the world in the field. The case studies and the live scenarios made us remain glued to our seats. Overall the sessions and the concepts taught were interesting to grasp as the student were able to connect their foundation knowledge with the matter of the subject.