Industrial Visit to Jaipur Rugs by BBA Student

Feb 15, 2019

Industrial Visit to Jaipur Rugs by BBA Student

An industrial visit for B.Com (Hons.) IIIrd Year and BBA 2nd Year (Section-B) Students was organized by School of Business & Commerce to Jaipur Rugs at Mansarovar Industrial Area, Jaipur on 15th Feb. 2019. Ms. Komal Agarwal, Assistant Manager- Marketing informed the students about the whole journey of the company and HR facilities of Jaipur Rugs. Students were informed about the entire operations of weaving of high quality carpet. Students also visited the whole plant. They got the chance to meet Mr. Nand Kishore Chaudhary, founder of Jaipur Rugs. The organisation is managed by Mr. N. K. Chaudhary's 3 daughters and 2 sons in different parts of the country and the world, while he looks after the Jaipur branch himself. He believes in employing people who are grounded and humble, who stay true to their own self. The atmosphere was a bit more relaxed, with no strict restrictions on the dress code for the employees there. This could be a contributing factor to the positive and happy attitude of the people working there.

While students took a tour of the whole place, they gained a lot of information about what goes into the making of a rug. From the idea of a design to obtaining raw materials, from making the finished product to delivering it to the customers, students explored all the steps. Pictures of some award winning rugs were put all over the walls with the most surprising stories behind the making of every rug.

In making of one of rug three artisans from different backgrounds were brought together to work on one rug. Initially they worked on their individual parts leading to a haphazard rug with three very different designs. But with time they found harmony and finished the remaining half of the rug with a uniform design. This rug became Asia's only rug to win a special mention in the German Design Award, 2016. 'Anthar': a rug made out of human errors depicts human journey, how three weavers found rhythm while working on the rug.


N. K. Chaudhary has always had a soft corner for the marginalised community and expressed his desire to help the poor. Artisans' personal life is not ignored in this company. While the weekdays are kept for completing the work, Jaipur Rugs Foundation makes sure that on weekends the artisans attend classes arranged for them and help them become more educated. They are taught to read and write, which aims at making them more independent as a weaver. Some women could not leave their home, which is solely their responsibility and come to work. To include them, NKC made sure looms were installed in their respective homes so that they could work from home, while balancing their personal life.

Jaipur Rugs believes in connecting with humans, the artisans, the employees and the customers as well. To successfully connect every customer to the weaver who made their respective rugs,

the organisation started a 'postcard system' wherein the weavers would send hand written postcards to each customer. The customers felt a personal connect with the weavers and some even came down to India to meet them.

At present, Jaipur Rugs has grown beyond everyone's imagination and made India proud on different international platforms as well. Even after all these years and with the rise of technology too; Jaipur Rugs hasn't forgotten its principle of uplifting and including the weavers from the poor sections of the country.

He responded different queries raised by the students based on their observations about Jaipur Rugs. Mr. Nand Kishore Chaudhary also offered internship programme to the students at Jaipur Rugs. The visit was coordinated by Dr. Tanushree Sharma,Dr. Ity Patni and Dr. Sunny Dawar.