FDP on Corporate Grooming and Dining Etiquettes

Apr 4, 2018

FDP on Corporate Grooming and Dining Etiquettes

Skill Development Center, Manipal University Jaipur had organized a session for the senior members of the University on 4th April 2018. The sessions were conducted by the Ms. Geetanjali Singh, Training Manager of Jaipur Marriott Hotel and Dr. Amit Datta, Associate Professor School of Hotel Management. 


The participants for the session were: Dr. K. Ramnarayan (Chancellor-MUJ), Mr. Rajen Padukone (Group President-MEMG), Dr. G.K. Prabhu (Vice Chancellor-MUJ), Mr. Nishith Mohanty (Group HR, MEMG), Dr. Vandana Suhag (Registrar), Prof. N. N. Sharma (Pro-President), Deans and Directors of MUJ.

Ms. Geetanjali highlighted that how dressing sense and personal grooming creates and impression on others. In order to develop the students grooming standards and prepare them for the globalized industry, faculties must have proper attire and take care about their personal hygiene standards. Dr. Amit showcased that eating is to satisfy ones palate but dining is an art. During international business meets dining places are venues an important venue where people from different countries sits together. So it is important for one to learn the table manners and cutlery handling. The students along with the faculties of Hotel Management had prepared continental lunch for the participants and they were practiced how to dine properly. 

After the end of the session Dr. G. K Prabhu highlighted that MUJ is moving towards academic internationalization and there would be lot of MUJ faculty going abroad and foreign academician visiting MUJ. The culture of different countries varies and it is very important at least to know the correct formal   grooming and dining skills. Prof. K. Ramnarayan congratulated the organizers, trainers and the students of hotel management.

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