Sex education to spread during Quotidian Legal Aid camp

Nov 16, 2018

Sex education to spread during Quotidian Legal Aid camp

School of Law, Manipal University Jaipur organized interactive session to spread sex education on 16th November, 2018. 


Subject: Discussion on Presentation topic.  

Student Present: Prachi Sharma, Mamta Bisht, Utkarsh Bhushan, Lavanya Panwar, Pooja Sharma, Navyateja Yedla, Dhawni Sahani, Mrittika Sengupta, Abhinav Bhardwaj.

Activity in brief: All the members discussed and deliberated upon the topics on which a presentation can be delivered to the local village population and awareness can be spread. 

These are the following topics decided for presentation: 

1.      Dowry Rights - Pooja Sharma

2.      Sex Education - Dhwani Sahani

3.      Child Rights and Domestic Violence - Utkarsh Bhushan

4.      Voting Rights - Lavanya Panwar

5.      Sexual Harassment and Governmental Policies - Mamta Bisht

6.      Labour Rights - Prachi Sharma

7.      Introduction to Legal Aid - Navyateja Yedla

8.      Marital Rape - Mrittika Sengupta